Two candidates for Galveston mayor — Don Mafrige and Elizabeth Beeton — filed a petition for a writ of mandamus in the 1st Court of Appeals, asking the court to force the city secretary to rule that Jim Yarbrough is ineligible to run for mayor. Mafrige and Beeton contend Yarbrough does not meet the requirements for residency as set out in the city charter. 

A couple of candidates for mayor are promising us blue skies ahead, but all we voters are seeing is a lot of fog. Instead of determining priorities, organizing city government and having well-defined goals and measures of success for them, we’re getting platitudes of “improving morale at city hall,” pursuing “economic development” and “making city government more accountable.” They don’t tell us how this will be accomplished.

Elizabeth Beeton has a different approach, one that offers a tangible path to success:

 • Thoroughly research an issue and include the input of all stakeholders in an impartial fashion. 

 • Determine a solution that can realistically be achieved given current resources in government. 

• Determine and measure accountability by effectiveness, timeliness and fiscal prudence during the process.

Tough community issues cannot be solved by campaign promises that throw platitudes at problems and hope they’ll work. Galveston and America need politicians who treat voters as adults. Citizens have a right to all the facts, true transparency and government business conducted in the open, not in backrooms. 

Elizabeth Beeton is the one candidate who speaks frankly on the issues, actively looks for the best solutions and invites all citizens to actively participate without favoritism.

Wendy Clayton lives in Galveston.

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Steve Fouga

This is my take on Mrs Beeton too. She will have my vote.

The mayoral race is being billed as one in which, for a change, there are 3 good candidates. I just don't see it. Mrs Beeton is the good candidate; the others are just OK.

But Galveston often settles for OK...

Jarvis Buckley

Been hanging around this Island for fifty years , Beeton is the best to throw her hat in the ring , in fifty years........In my opinion.

GW Cornelius

Beeton has proved over and over again she is bad for Galveston and would be the worst Mayor Galveston has ever seen. No to Beeton she would destroy Galveston.

Steve Fouga

Please list 5 times she proved she is bad for Galveston, and discuss, if you will, why such an egregiously bad council member's constituency elected her to 3 straight terms.

Further, give a few examples of how she would destroy Galveston.

Betcha you can't. At least none that make any sense.


Ellen Morrison

No, Island Runner can't - and won't when confronted.

Ron Shelby

Its always been good to have a dissenting/questioning voice on the council to provide different perspectives. But letting that voice run council as mayor would be bad. Unfortunately, she's proved that she isn't skilled enough to unify council,.... in fact, she's tended to alienate, leading to major voting blocks. Galveston can't afford that to occur again. There's too much that needs to be done.

George Croix

What's the point of providing a different perspective if it will just be ignored in favor of too much that needs to be done. Kind of depends on who's deciding the need. Does Galveston need 'we can't wait', when bulling ahead does more harm?
There might be a good reason for not doing what someone else thinks needs to be done, or at least considering the ramifications. It's not always a bad thing for a vote to be blocked.
In fact, one would think voters would have learned the lessons of this by watching it play out daily for the last 5 years at the national level.
One can only imagine the mess we'd be in by now had no pushback been made, as we've seen a bad situation get 'progressively' worse. A lot worse.
Has anything like that ever happened in Galveston?

Ron Shelby

A dissenting voice is not ignored. It provides better context in which to make a decision. A little is a good thing, but too much is a problem.

George Croix

One man's problem is another's solution.
King George III considered his noisy colonial subjects to be a big problem, so kept figuring out ways to tax them into subserviance while putting the badmouth and a heavy hand on all who pushed back against his rule.
History repeating itself even unto this day.... [wink]
Motive is the key.
Is the recalcitrance strictly for personal reasons, or is it in defiance of 'the way thinsg have always been', just because they can be.
A reall manager will make the effort to find out, and not just keep driving on the Myway Highway.
Thing about experince, is it's a lot like change.
There's good.
There's bad.
I do agree that raising heck just because one can, and for no reason apparent or even one voiced, is counter-productive for everybody.

Jarvis Buckley

Island Runner is a synonym for runner of the island. It's over friend. Your back slapping back room cigar smoking tactics has run its course waste your thousands of dollars . We may even name a street after you. But EB will be mayor ,because she is the "People's Candidate".

Steve Fouga

Jarvo, I wish I knew who runs the Island. I can't tell that anyone does. Haven't been able to for years. It seems to run itself.



JD Arnold

Its like every other place, if you want to know who runs the island, just try to follow the money. It's the golden rule, he who has the gold.......

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