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Miss Priss

The TEA party sure as hell didn't make strides this week.... They are what I call the hardheaded party with no new ideas and causes internal conflict that they seem to want to solve. It's what caused the fall of Rome.

Lars Faltskog

Good analysis, truthserum. I only slightly beg to differ in that at least Rome at once was a vibrant culture, worthwhile in those days to emulate culturally and such. We can't say that for the Tea Party. They were one big nightmare.

Chris Gimenez

Well, I figured this column would smoke out the left field. What neither of you nor the GOP establishment will admit is that the Tea Party efforts kept the dems from completely shutting out the GOP. Had Cruz and Co. not done what they had done and received the support of millions of fed-up Americans, the GOP would have caved like they have so many times before.

I fully understand the fear emanating from the left and the right over the Tea Party because the Tea Party coalition represents a government of the people for the people. That means smaller government, less taxes, more self-sufficiency, less government waste, less dependency on the federal government, fewer handouts to those who don't need them-all the things that the dems and many republicans have made their congressional careers on.

The Tea Party made great strides in the last few weeks and it's evident from the attacks made against them by both sides. When the GOP said they went outside of the normal protocol it was because it was absolutely necessary to make them get off their duffs and they didn't like it. And like I said, the dems are just plain terrified that the Tea Party will continue to grow.

As for the fall of Rome, maybe you should look at the history books once again. It appears that while theories may differ, they all center around the disintegration of the political, military, economic, and social institutions (Wikipedia)-much like what your president is trying to do to this country now.

"Obama learned his lesson well. I am proud to see that my father's model for organizing is being applied successfully beyond local community organizing to affect the Democratic campaign in 2008. It is a fine tribute to Saul Alinsky as we approach his 100th birthday." --Letter from L. DAVID ALINSKY, son of Neo-Marxist Saul Alinsky

Nice compliment to your president.

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident osted at 7:19 am on Thu, Oct 17, 2013:

But, within all of your laudation of the Tea Party, their membership numbers are falling, and their reputation has plummeted into the high percentages - just over the past month or so. That's not "great strides", that's "great disentigration". As this article link indicates, they've always been either "outsiders trying to steer policy from within" or "trying to work within the Republican party". They've never had an identity, but have had bad press with their exclusionary stances against minorities, gays/lesbians, and immigrants. Link:


Gary Miller


Repeating the lie that the Tea Party is shrinking won't make it true. There are 3113 counties in the United states, almost all of them have at least one Tea Party chapter, many like Galveston County have more than one chapter.
The reputation of the Tea Party is not the same as the GOP reputation.
The Tea Party is not the GOP.
The failing reputation of the GOP is good for the Tea Party.
People who equate GOP with Tea Party help the Tea Party.

Lars Faltskog

No, ! IHOG! -
It's as plain as the nose on the face. With the events that transpired (with the inept assistance of Teddy Cruz), all popular "man on the street" as well as statistical data indicate the Tea Party is one ledge on a steep cliff away from extinction. Predictions of its demise go back to even 2012:


Notice how Tea Party is accused of "poisoning Republican primaries". Tea party, in fact, further diluted the GOP. If I had a cousin or nephew interested in studying political science, I would advise him/her to not join the "Young Republican" group on campus, and surely not one of the diminishing Tea Party chapters.

Chris Gimenez

servitude, NPR is just another megaphone for the left just like the huff--n-puff post. They just had to backtrack on their accolades of obamacare and admit they were wrong about the rollout. Here's real survey for you.


Have someone read that to you and you'll realize that 80% of the country believe it's on the wrong track. That's under the rule of your president. Only 27% of blacks are confident in the direction of the country which is down from 49% a week ago.

Face it you two, you have a loser president who is destroying this country and having a really good time doing it. If you need to find out the truth about what's happening at the federal level you should listen to FOX News.

GW Cornelius

The TEA BAGGERS showed there strength in causing long lengthy battle over nothing. How sad these people even have a party. Time for the TEA BAGGERS, GOP and the NRA to go/ Cruz can take them all back to Canada where he came from.

Chris Gimenez

island runner, you're not coming unhinged again are you? Here's another example of what your childish president thinks of the people of this country who might not agree with him.


When the GOP and Tea Party members aren't around anymore who do you think will pay for your entitlements?

Lars Faltskog

Hey, BevoResident -
If one wants to voice opinion and form petitions, there's always change.org -

George Croix

Take the internet cowards with them.


And it is the Tea Party and its messengers in Dewhurst and Patrick that want a repeal of the 17th amendment and take away the rights of citizens to elect US Senators and a return to state legislators selecting them.
For a group that says they want to get government out of our lives this is beyond absurd.

Gary Miller


Senators were originally intended to be the spokesmen of their states. Each states ambassarors to the federal government.
They were appointed by Governors and confirmed by state legislators, both of which were elected by their citizens, to represent the state in the Federal government. They were not, and should not, be the tools of a political party
Repealing the 17th amendment would return us to the original intent of the Constitution.
The senate was supposed to be our best protection from uncontroled democracy.


I am well aware of what the original process was for election of Senators. The founding fathers had doubts about the intelligence of the masses so they sought a way to ensure (so they thought) a well educated Senate. Fortunately others later saw the wisdom to allow the citizens to directly vote for their representation in the Senate.

Repealing the 17th amendment would actually make the election of Senators even more political than it is now. Why else would the Tea Party promote such an idea except to dilute the voting power of those who disagree with them.

Computer generated equal size redistricting of election districts would also eliminate "the gaming of the system" that now goes on.

George Croix

Hard headed can be a limiting factor when in a job that requires negotiating to get results.
Of course, doing the same thing over and over again, trying to get a different result, is a bit of a drag on things, too. So is refusing to even discuss issues with the other members of elected government.
At this very moment I'm listening to a 'leader' excoriate his political opposition, as usual, rather than do what any effective manager does; try to get the opposition back into the team effort. I'm listening to him DIRECTLY contradict, again, the words he's spoken previously, on a variety of subjects. I'm listening to him dredge up grievances for not getting 100% of his way for the last 4 1/2 years.
Most humorous moment (so far) in the 'speach, - yet another claim to 'be willing to work with anybody who has a good idea'. Of course, when your whole life is based on the fact that nobody but you has good ideas, that rings a bit hollow...
Personally, I think Cruz and Lee screwed up big time, but only because they fought the wrong battle.
At least they fought back against one who would be king, given the chance.
The unwavering support for a man who has no respect for his supporters other than their ability to vote for him, who is demonstrably incompetent, narcissistic, venal, circumspect, duplicitous, and just plain mean, shows the danger of NOT having a few 'hard headed' interactors in government to slow down our headlong rush to become 'Europeanized'...
The cherry on the sundae: The just made comments by POTUS that the opposition should go out and win elections, like he did, if they want to make changes.
???? Uh, they DID win their elections, and POTUS winning his was to the Presidency, not a monarchy.


I have to say I agree with bvresident concerning the values of the Tea Party! I read what he said below,..and those are my values without a doubt, However I still don't think the Tea Party Politicians handled this "MESS" as good and skilled as it could've been handled! They need to keep working and learning!
I still don't think they are on their way out,..because INDEPENDENTS,...like myself, who are NOT LOYAL to them,..the GOP nor the DEMOCRATS, will continue to as Ray Charles once said,...to "DO WHAT WE DO!"
One GOP said this morning on TV,..."the Tea Party needs to learn to separate what can be accomplished from what can't be accomplished!" I think when they grow enough in a few years to do that,...THEN,... look out!
Having said all this I'm able today to say there were some in DC who stood tall who I certainly did not think were capable of standing tall! John McCain, senator from Arizona,...and who I disliked immensely,...was a "Barnabas" type politician through this whole fiasco! Barnabas was a "Cypriot Jew" and he was a Christian Disciple who was called out by GOD along with the Apostle Paul ( SAUL ) to leave the Church of Antioch to go to the mission fields! ( Acts 13:2 ). Barnabas was also known as a Minister Of Reconciliation! He was gifted at mending what was divided! He was very instrumental in getting the Jews to accept the Apostle Paul or "SAUL" into the Church as a brother,..among other things!
John McCain and 2-3 women politicians did the same chore during this fiasco! I misjudge this old boy. This thing helped me to dig a little deeper before allowing my soul/flesh.. to take control and start faulting another.
Lastly,...though I think this thing could've been handled better,...it might have been a ONCE in a century thing, which will get the attention of THOSE in DC who emulates an individual on a runaway spending spree in a major SHOPPING MALL trying to buy as much as they can get their hands on,....WITHOUT REGARD TO THE MONEY THEY HAVE IN THEIR CHECKING OR SAVING ACCOUNTS!
So put me down as someone who did not like what the Tea Party did, but just maybe it was necessary! It was a shot which had to be fired so that people will STOP and LOOK and say wait a minute, CONSERVATIVES WHO HAVE PROPER HARD WORKING, CHRISTIAN VALUES IN THIS COUNTRY ARE NOT DEAD YET!
I support those values,..and I hope the Tea party keep learning how to be a FORCE to be RECKONED with! So, while they did not win this fiasco,...they did not LOSE it either. What Cruz, did will be remembered in the WHITE HOUSE and Congress for decades! I don't like where this country is right now, and something has to be done about it! The TEA PARTY IS DOING IT! It would be a mistake to believe that they won't continue to pick up Conservative, support in the future.

Chris Gimenez

JB, I'm sure you know the story but for those who don't.

28 When Eliab, David’s oldest brother, heard him speaking with the men, he burned with anger at him and asked, “Why have you come down here? And with whom did you leave those few sheep in the wilderness? I know how conceited you are and how wicked your heart is; you came down only to watch the battle.”

29 “Now what have I done?” said David. “Can’t I even speak?” 30 He then turned away to someone else and brought up the same matter, and the men answered him as before. 31 What David said was overheard and reported to Saul, and Saul sent for him.

32 David said to Saul, “Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him.”

33 Saul replied, “You are not able to go out against this Philistine and fight him; you are only a young man, and he has been a warrior from his youth.”

Cruz reminds me of someone who refuses to recognize what others see as an impossible task and instead is someone who says he'll stand up to the giant terrorizing his people. Whether his stand was possible or impossible doesn't matter in my opinion-only that he took a stand that represents me and that he didn't allow his own party and the naysayers to dissuade him. If the GOP acted more like him instead of like the democrats this country would be better off today than it was last week. Everyone seems to be focused on compromise. Compromise without principles is self-serving. See Mitch McConnell's $2BILLION earmark for Kentucky in return for his "compromise" as my proof.

Gary Miller

BV Resident

With only 40 % of the house and 15 % of the Senate the Tea Party did as much as they could. 2014 will increase their share of government.
Disgusted GOP, Democrats and independents are becoming Tea Party supporters.


I meant to also that it would be a mistake to believe the Tea Party would not benefit from INDEPENDENT VOTERS support in the future. AMEN! Now! maybe we can stop a lot of this non-sense going on around here! We are fed up with a lot of this BS!

Gary Miller

Posters here seem to not understand what is going on.
Democrats are losing elected support in every election.
The GOP is loosing support of their base.
Only one political movement still growing isn't a poilitical party.
It's the idea that government got out of control because we the people stopped voting. The Tea Party is the people again voting, the silent majority awakened and democracy rescued.
Join the Tea Party. Your future may depend on it.

Kevin Lang

If anyone's future depends on which party they support, we're all doomed. No one group deserves our whole-hearted support, and no one group has all of the answers we need.

Regardless of which party you believe holds most of your beliefs and ideals, just realize that the ideal for society will differ from the ideal for an individual or for a single party. Also, ideals are usually something you gain incrementally over time, through many hard-fought victories. Not one simple, single, demonstration.

Gary Miller

The GOP and DNC vote for government.
The Tea Party Votes for people.

When SCOTUS said the ACA was a tax how many of you stopped to think about who would pay the tax?
Will those who pay no taxes pay it? If you are a taxpayer the ACA is yours to pay for.
Thousands of ACA bureaucrats thank you.

Law of the land?
Congress has repealed many "bad laws of the land". They can't repeal any law that isn't the law of the land.


Whenever I'm down and my back is up against the wall, I refer to that story of David,and the odds he faced that day. BTW, that Philistine called Goliath The Giant, was lying through his teeth then like SOME are are Lying in DC about their future intentions. Goliath boldly told the Jews,..."Send a man out to fight me,...and if he wins, WE will be YALL'S slaves, but if I win, YALL shall be our slaves!" "DEAL?"
Well, long story short, David won, and what did the Philistines do? Answer: Everthing but what Goliath promised they would do in the pre-fight negotiations,...they HAULED their *&^% as far away from David as they could!
Allow me to be fair about this though and say this, "Notice what David said to Goliath in I Samuel 17:46, FOR IT IS THE REASON GOLIATH'S FRIENDS RAN AFTER DAVID CUT HIS HEAD OFF:
46). This day the Lord will deliver you into my hands, and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head. This very day I will give the CARCASSES OF THE PHILISTINE ARMY to the birds and the wild animals, and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel.
David not only mean to destroy, GOLIATH, HE PUT THE HOLE PHILISTINE ARMY on notice, that he was going to operate on them the same way he did their champion GOLIATH! lolololololololol ( notice HE was standing there alone talking ).
I did not like Cruz at first, because my vision was clouded! However,..like the Old Amazing Grace praise song, which went like, "I once was blind but NOW I see"....I now see the NEED for SOMEBODY, ANYBODY to stand up and say to the KING,...
Cruz did it,..and I predict a future FIRE will come forth from this small spark! A fire which will burn down what has been bring this country down! God bless America,..and my boy Cruz!

Gary Miller

For those people calling to find out how to join the Tea Party I suggest they use the internet.
Enter Galveston Tea Party.
You'll learn you can join by getting registered to vote, paying attention to what government is doing, then vote with the Tea Party. Donations are accepted but not required. The money isn't used to buy votes because voters that can be bought are not wanted.
There are weekly meetings schedualed and rallys before elections to discuss who and what will be supported.
Romney didn't win because 700 Tea Party ralies were held just before the election and it was decided Romney was just another Big Government GOP candidate.
7 million Tea Party voters voted down ballot and won 8 thousand more elections than they lost in local, county, state and national elections. 8 thousand RINO Republicans and Liberal Democrats were replaced by Tea Party candidates.
What happened in Galveston county happened all over America.

The growth and success of the conservative movement was the reason Obama tried to slow Conservative recruiting by using the IRS to harrass conservative organizations. It backfired on him, growth accelerated.

Lars Faltskog

Hey ! IHOG -

I'll join the Tea Party when they find Madalyn O'Hara, ordain her, and she becomes a priest. For now, for farts and giggles, I'll check out their website to find out their latest propaganda.

I heard they had a new "souvineer" at all the Tea party rallies. It's called "Immigrant Bug Spray". On sale at the Welcoming tables for $2.99. At the rally/speech, if any participant or speaker utters, hears a foreign-sounding name, or sees it in print, another participant yells, "Get the immigrant bug spray!" Directions say: "Apply generously, every 30 minutes, or more often if you perspire."

Gary Miller

Sorry Sverige I'm afraid you wouldn't be accepted.
Bought voters are the only kind they reject.

Gary Miller

The GOP and DNC support tax spenders.
The Tea Party supports taxpayers.

George Croix

David vs Golaith.
What could be more appropriate than that.
I spent a few minutes reflectinging on what life would have been like, for myself and others, and for the company I worked for, if, after being promoted to supervisor, I'd let it become a license for dictation, rather than team building. For discrediting of opposing views before even considering them, rather than getting the owners of the differing opinions to talk and make their cases together. For following bad orders or wrong direction just because that's the way it had been done or somebody expected it. For wielding discipline more than congratulations.
For considering me more than them.
Same for being an emergency response officer. What price to have been payed if nobody else's viewpoints and observations were taken into account. If a plan of action were never deviated from, even when conditions were totally different than the plan was based on.
It would have sucked.
It sucks when others let their authority go to their head, too.


Mr. gecroix,

Been there....done that, concerning what you stated here,..and especially:
"It sucks when others let their authority go to their head, too."
So as the old adage goes, "You can say that again!"
There needs to be a turning point in this country,...and we might very well have witnessed the beginning of one with this "fiasco" Cruz created! The immediate appearance of failure means nothing,...because Cruz and the Tea Party, have stood up to both the Democratic AND Republicans parties who took it for granted they have a lock on what direction this country will travel!
Mr. Obama said that we should not tear down what it took our predecessors hundreds of years to build. Well the term "TEAR DOWN" is subjective! What is the difference between tearing down, fast and tearing down SLOWLY,...in the end TEAR DOWN will mean the same as, DESTROYED,..or DEMOLISHED!!! I asked that, because these failures in DC have been tearing this country down,SLOWLY for years, and nobody DID anything about it,..they just B*&^HED about it! Except this time a certain female Senator from Texas retired, and the young man who took her place decided,..."I HAVE A DREAM.....I HAVE A VISION!!
Please note as bvresident, stated before, HOW Senate Minority Leader McConnell.. ( Old Fool ) could not resist the over-powering spirit of GREED and SELFISHNESS controlling him, so he had to get millions of dollars of PORK SPENDING attached to the start-up bill, benefiting his state,...before he would support the bill! HUH? HUH?
Yeah, I guess the same protests we are hearing from many in this country now, you could have heard, over in the ENGLAND when Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin' nem broke away from the tyranny and oppression levied on them by the British so many years ago!
I've said many times on this very forum, that OPPORTUNITY never knocks as some always states! Opportunity will instead walk right up next to an individual and SILENTLY wait there for a season of time, to be recognized and taken advantage of! If not, Opportunity will leave you, as the wind changes directions, or as the grass withers, and the flower fades,...in their seasons,...so it is that opportunity will also take a hike! Got to give Cruz his props,...he saw an opportunity and he applied a stranglehold on it, incarcerated it,.. for he would not let it go!
What Cruz did might not benefit him, directly, but I believe what he did is going to inspire many in this country to think, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It will inspire some who had their eyes closed to open them to see,...and still others whose eyes were already open to acknowledge what was in plain view to see,...THAT the King is running around NUDE,...and that he needs to wear clothes like everybody else!!
God bless America!!

Chris Gimenez

JB, the pork-barreled McConnell didn't get millions, he got BILLIONS! As in $2 BILLION. So what's next? There is another debt ceiling date coming up in January. Which Republican slimeball Senator is going to grease his/her re-election skids with pork?

And just to make another comment on Mr. Cruz being ripped by McCain. Wasn't McCain the one who used to be called the "Maverick"? I wonder if he got that moniker by going along with the status quo. And now he's trashing Cruz for standing his ground?

George Croix

"Mr. Obama said that we should not tear down what it took our predecessors hundreds of years to build."
Yessir, and he's said it more than once. Always in a pejorative manner aimed at his opponents.
I can't help but wonder, then, why he's so intent on doing exactly that himself!!
"America is the greatest country the world has ever known. Now join me as we fundamentally change it."
WHY does he rail against changing what took hundreds of years to build, while at the same time proclaiming for all to hear that's EXACTLY what he's intent on doing?
Because he's an opportunist. He has the opportunity to take advantage of a citizenry largely more concerned with 'being cool' than with results. More self-absorbed than concerned for their country. More willing to be kept than to be a keeper. When your supporters in great numbers don't even know the most basic working s of their own government, or, for that matter, your dretractors, either, the situation is ripe for power grab.
There is a reason this President repeatedly drills the "I won re-election" mantra into the collectively poorly functioniung brains of too many distracted people, while ignoring the fact that his oponents ALSO won re-election.
He doesn't want to be President. The job of a President is to represent ALL of the country, look out for that country's best interests first, and work, actually work, not make hundreds of BS speaches, to forge alliances and coalitions to pass legislation beneficial to all, not just his own chosen ones.
He wants to be king. Kings give orders and expect to be obeyed and punish those who confront them. Even a one-eyed man with head turned away can see that in his past dealings with, well, everybody.
Cruz and Lee went after the wrong target, but they did buck the right problem.
And that problem is a 'leader' who refuses to acknowledge that he IS responsible for unifying, not dividing, his country, by virtue of give AND take.
Not just take.
So far, he's batting .000 on that.
His golf score, however, has improved greatly...

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 10:48 am on Thu, Oct 17, 2013:

Didn't David do his best work when he went about playing psalms on his harp?

Now, my question regards your common theme that regards "principles". I'd like to ask, upon what "principles" did Cruz (and his Tea party) advocates work under?

What possibly could a privileged individual like Cruz have at stake in regard to nationalized health care? Jeepers, he's an alien from a country (Canada) that has a plan that is envied by many throughout the world. The principles used to knock folks who are needing health care while they're down? What puzzles me is that even Cruz' home country of Cuba has what is called "above average health indicators". That means that even that hell-hole has some form of health plan for its people.

So, Cruz doesn't want his TX constituents to have a good health plan, but folks in his expatriat Cuba can?

Chris Gimenez

You're absurd servitude and I'm being kind. Why do you refuse to admit the truth about Cruz-he's an American citizen with dual citizenship. He is eligible to hold the Office of President of the U.S.

As for Canadian healthcare being the holy grail you seem to know nothing about, why do Canadians flock to U.S. hospitals in droves for the cash-only healthcare we provide?

I know you libs like to muddy the facts with "why doesn't the right want everyone to have healthcare" but the truth is that obamacare provides-or I suppose it will if it ever gets its act together-health insurance and NOT HEALTHCARE. They're two entirely different things and having health insurance does not mean you get healthcare. In fact, under obamacare it could well mean that you get less healthcare than when you didn't have health insurance.

Kevin Lang

I think he's lumping you in the box with people that refuse to acknowledge that Obama fits the same definition of American as Cruz does. If being born to an American citizen is all that's necessary, Obama's citizenship shouldn't be questioned, either, and whatever country printed his birth certificate wouldn't matter.

Essentially, if the country of birth for Obama is an issue, then why is it not an issue with Cruz? I believe that sverige1 believes it's because Cruz is a conservative Republican/Tea Partier, while Obama is a half-black liberal Democrat.

George Croix

"A person who is considered a citizen by more than one nation has dual citizenship. It is possible for a United States citizen to have dual citizenship; this can be achieved in various ways, such as by birth in the United States to a parent, or in certain circumstances even grandparent, who is a citizen of a foreign country, by birth in another country to a parent(s) who is/are a United States citizen/s, or by having parents who are citizens of different countries."
"Regardless of where they are born, children of U.S. citizens are U.S. citizens in most cases. Children born outside the United States with at least one U.S. citizen parent usually have birthright citizenship by parentage."
Actually, it doesn't matter where they are from, even if the planet Jupiter, if election to office has been achieved. NO ONE is ever going to get tossed out during a term(s) in office over citizenship, right or wrong, after all the rigamrole of election has passed and been certified.
All birthers do is distract from the very real issues actually effecting the electorate AFTER the election is over, and get worked up over something that will not change anyway, and for which no penalty or remedy exists if found correct someday.
The time for proof is BEFORE election.
After, it's too darn late.
Look at all the wasted time attempting to expose Obama as a Kenyan that could have been better spent focusing attention on his failures as a leader. A MYRIAD of actual negatives frittered away looking for the smoking birth certificate.
Might have avoided giving him a second chance to continue 'fundamentally changing the greatest nation the world has ever known' without having to answer the question "why change the greatest?".

Kevin Lang

I know that you quoted some source, but I find it interesting that it seems to indicate that in some circumstances, you might be born to a grandparent.

I would think that when the Secret Service puts the candidates through Top Secret security screening, they'd do trivial things like verifying your birth records, citizenship, gender, species, etc.

Now, I don't know if you could stay in the race for president if your security access is denied, but I would expect that would come out in the campaign somewhere.

"My opponent was denied his security clearance. How can he lead our forces? Mr. Opponent, why was your clearance denied?"

"Well, uh, um, because I lied when I said I'm a citizen by birth."

Lars Faltskog

Exactly. All the hullabaloo about Obama's residency was a very needless and divisive, and wrought with xenophobic activities on the part of the folks who have the Tea Party mentality. And those were of the ilk of Ted Cruz.

What I find a bit disappointing is that TX couldn't find a better candidate. At least Hutchinson was well-respected (and on top of that she was from our county). I truly wish the Tea Party COULD have turned out to be more encompassing. It simply didn't, and having folks with the mentality of Teddy Cruz marked the Tea Party's death knell.

Gary Miller

It apears you haven't figured out Obama "don't" Care (AKA ACA) is not a health care plan. It's a tax plan.
Did you see the report today that health care costs related to the ACA act will increase premiums in 45 states by 15 % to 150 %? With the average being closer to 75 %.
SCOTUS ruled It's a tax plan. You think anyone paying no taxes will pay for it. That is why costs are up. Someone has to pay for it.
Strangely the 5 states that don't go up are liberal states. Whoda guessed that?

Carlos Ponce

The line has been drawn, the sides chosen.
On one side you have those who believe in BIG government, who have passed on a 17 trillion dollar debt to their descendents. Obamacare is NOT about providing "Affordable Care" as its original moniker implies. It's about control, making people dependent on government like a narcotic. Not all on this side are Democrats.
On the other side you have people who believe in government limited under the Constitution, independence, self-worth and fiscal responsibility. Senator Obama was right when he voted against raising the debt ceiling in 2006-why the change? Not all on this side are Republicans.
Now their votes have been recorded. People will vote their consciences in the next election cycle. I pray that politicians will not "run away" from their voting record- but you know they will. Be wary of the clever propaganda (political ads), the slanted media, and the false accusations (especially those of racism). May God Bless America!

Lars Faltskog

Well, carlospiusponce -
That's what's good about being on the "side" of caring for the citizenry of our country. Interesting that you astutely pointed out that it wasn't just democrats who joined the coalition to make health care more attainable.

So, we have it as law of the land, soon to be executed. It was the godly and humane thing to do. Those against it had nothing at stake to lose. Many of those "for" it, at least will hopefully be in a country that can have a better record of attending to the health needs of the residents.

Carlos Ponce

How can it be the "law of the land" if it has been modified at least 18 times since signed into law. This law barely resembles the one the Supreme Court ruled on. Creating law is the duty of Congress, not the President. There is no more Checks and Balances among the branches of government. President BO has turned the Republic into a dictatorship. May God help us all!

Lars Faltskog

Hey carlosjponce:
Rebecca St. James has a song called "God Help Us All". It rocks!


Lars Faltskog

Response to IHOG posted at 5:38 pm on Thu, Oct 17, 2013:

My company says we'll likely get a 20 percent reduction in our fee with the same doctors we can choose to go to, same plan. "Win-win". Welcome to the new era.

In 50 years (and likely sooner than that), we will see ACA just in the way we now see social security, Medicare....routine programs that aid the needs of our US population. It's "just", "christian", and "righteous".

PSALM 113:
"Praise the Lord who lifts up the poor!"

Chris Gimenez

I don't believe anything you say. The experience to-date is that premiums are increasing and drastically. I'm signing up for my company health insurance renewal this weekend and we've already been told there will be substantial changes with increases.

Lifting up the poor is not what obamacare does nor is anything else this president does. If that were the case, why would black unemployment be at more than double what it is for whites and much higher than under George Bush? Why are there 17 MILLION more people on food stamp entitlements than there were under George Bush?

This president is obsessed with controlling people and that's all. But for people who wish to live in servitude, I'm thinking they're probably fine with what he's doing.

Sara Cox

There is documentation that for about 10% of people using the Marketplace an increase in premium cost may happen. My question - you have no obligation to use the Marketplace if you already have insurance, so why is the comparison important? The Marketplace was designed for people who don't have insurance many of whom will be thankful to pay to have any kind of insurance at all.
I agree that health insurance is not the same as health care. It is only a start. The American health care system is extremely expensive compared to other nations and does not achieve better results. The for profit aspect of American health care is one of the many reasons.
Cuba has national health care. In his documentary on healthcare, Michael Moore took some uninsured Americans to Cuba where they were surprised at the scope of the care. (I know, I know ... Moore is a liberal and therefore couldn't possibly be truthful)
The next few months will be critical for all of us who know that hard choices must be made and the budget must be balanced. Our priorities will be different I think. Where would you like to see budget cuts (other than healthcare. I think I know which of you would list that first) To really address the national debt, changes will have to be made in BOTH expenditures and income. There are not enough poor people to screw to eliminate 17 trillion in debt.

Chris Gimenez

Can you link the documentation here? I mean, we've heard all kinds of grand things from your president and the HHS Secretary about what obamacare was going to do and so far, it appears to have been mostly outright lies. Whether we go to the government marketplace or not the changes still impact our coverages.

As the buffoonish liberal in California said recently when he got a $10,000 yearly premium increase because of obamacare, "I knew somebody was going to have to pay for it but I didn't realize it would be me!"


We'll just have to see if they can fix in six months what they couldn't fix in 3 years with almost $700 MILLION in funny money.

Lars Faltskog

Response to carlosrponce posted at 12:42 pm on Fri, Oct 18, 2013:

Aside from the several first decades of our new Republic, just about every complex law passed by the US legislature has had numerous changes.Too many to count. When we, the average non-politician citizen read a magazine like USA Today that refers to a "bill" or a law passed, we're reading an abridged synopsis of a sometimes thousand-page bill. Some sources say the ACA bill has 906 pages. A second bill of the plan, regarding student loans is supposed to have 2,700 pages. So, uh, yeah - it's been changed probably even more than 18 times. Like the old cartoon Schoolhouse Rock would say, "Now, I'm not just a bill. I've climbed that hill. I've become a law. Now, I can stand tall."

Carlos Ponce

That's the problem. Most bills are only a few pages. With a 2700+ bill, NO ONE, not even Nancy Pelosi, knows what's in it. A signed Bill is the law. By amending it after he signed it, President BO has created an Imperial Presidency. Obamacare is now a monster that has emerged from the ACA. ACA was seriously flawed and should be shelved.

George Croix

I tend to doubt that Michael Moore is going on Obamacare. Or Fidelcare.
I could be wrong.
It's instructive that the biggest proponents exclude themselves.
Define expensive? Do you mean to provide the medical care, or do you mean what the recipient pays for it?
If it's to provide, what exactly are the behind the scenes subsidies, also financed by taxpayers, that allow the government to claim to provide care cheaper, while actually NEVER, ever, providing anything at lower cost than the private sector. SOMEBODY is gettin paid for the rubber gloves and scalpels and MRI machines and such, whoever the end user of the supplied items may be.
Bureaucracy is expensive, even when not counted as part of the package for purposes of show and tell.
Of COURSE it's cheaper for the users of it when you can get all of the taxpayers to foot all or a lot of the bill for them. THAT is the purpose of 'socialized medicine', for lack of a better term, AND also the first step towards mediocrity for all. At best.
And, is it really cheaper for the end user if they can get a lower base rate, but it's less of a savings than the increases in their deductibles? Well, no, it's not.
In those 'not for profit' health care systems, who pays for the care?
That's right.
Taxpayers, by way of government inefficiency.
It's all moot right now.
Half price DQ dip cones are worth nothing to the folks who find the doors locked when they go to buy some.
Two days ago I listened to Jay Carney touting the 'success stories' of the rollout of the ACA sign up, to date. He had THREE examples. One of them was a woman who, we found out later, was at that point the ONLY person known to have signed up in the whole state.
Successes are touted to the high heavens.
Failures are hidden from view for as long as possible.
There's a reason why the Administration says they won't release any ACA sign-up data any earlier than mid-November.
It's NOT to borrow George Bush's 'Mission Accomplished' banner... [wink]

A clue to how to have done a real, useful, overhaul of the health care and insurance business industries in this country: No charge.
Use more doctors and insurance reps to craft the new deal than politicians and cronies. In fact, don't use ANY politicians (or cronies) except for Constitutionally required legislative procedures AFTER the re-do. And ONLY THEN AFTER THEY HAVE ALL READ THE ^%$*&^ THING.
It's not too late...all it would take would be the admission that this ACA is a collosal cluster of stuff and rescind it, or AT LEAST delay it FOR EVERYBODY, and fix it.
Before it 'fixes' us.

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