An editorial published June 7 suggested that Galveston County residents should be open to a proposal by a Chinese company to build a massive methanol plant at Shoal Point in Texas City.

I agree with some of Heber Taylor’s comments. First, I assume the proposal involves the physical sale of the property to be utilized. Although not set in concrete, far better to have wisdom of foresight, rather than regrets of “Why didn’t I see that coming” hindsight.

True, for the local economy it would be a godsend.

Secondly, and importantly, don’t lose sight of the infiltration of foreign entities buying up American property. Our free enterprise system works very well when utilized in the manner intended, when devoid of superfluous and under-the-table influences.

We should attempt to remove any barriers, cultural or otherwise, to enhance and inspire progress.

I would ask, “In whose coffers will profits from this endeavor wind up?”

Be not naive about this; China or any other foreign country will be looking to itself first.

Also, in this high-tech age, don’t lose sight of the constant invasions for gain or destruction. This nation has become far too lethargic and needs to be rudely awakened to realities.

A good motto would be buy and sell American, don’t sell America.

Jimmie G. Stathakos


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