Toni Randall is the one we need for justice of the peace for Precinct 1. She has proved herself as someone who knows what needs to be done, being successful as a businesswoman, mayor of League City, and has a proven track record of success as justice of the peace in Precinct 1 after taking over when the last judge resigned to seek another office.

The other two candidates — one is a music teacher; while she may be a great teacher, she hasn’t a clue on how to conduct the activities of the office. The other is an attorney that hasn’t been very successful in the 20 years in our area.

A vote for Randall is a vote for our community.

Don Wimberly

San Leon

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Robert Young

Don, You must buy your screws and nuts from Randall. Ms Cox is a real fine person and has the temperament to deal with the public. Randall has proven she will fly off the handle at the drop of a hat. Ask the teenage kid she had the road rage incident with..Called him some pretty bad names. Randall did not keep her cool.

Mick Phalen

I agree with Mr. Wimberly - In 2008, two years before the conservative sweep of County offices, Toni stood up to the powers running League City, setting the stage for the conservative renewal of the City government. Business practices, accountability, focus on the citizens - the same principles she brought to the Precinct 1 JP court. I will vote for her, and strongly encourage other to do the same.

justaman, maybe you can answer my serious questions: the Galveston County Tea Party came on the scene representing themselves as the conservative alternative the Republican incumbents in city and county governments.

Yet in GCTP candidates' campaigns for elected office, they seek the support of the (very) liberal Democrat Party county leaders;, the GCTP candidate for County Judge takes a $60,000 contribution from a Democrat trial lawyer who has likely done more harm to Texas City industries than any other lawyer in the county; Mrs. Randall's opponent for Pct.1 JP (a former Democrat herself), solicits and receives a robocall endorsement from Steve Mostyn, one of the largest contributors to the Texas Democrat Party, and $1 million supporter of the Democrat candidate for governor who believes that it should be legal to kill viable, living babies in the womb.

As I member of the national Tea Party Patriots (celebrating our 5 year anniversary today!), I truly don't understand the local GCTP leaders and candidates. Do they not have one ounce of principle? Is their desire to be in charge so strong that they are willing to toss their "conservative" principles in the gutter? They say they are different, but practice the lowest form of trash, negative attack campaigning. And when I have asked other members the question, all I get is a personal attack.

A serious question - I just don't get it.

Judy Foster you seriously believe that Mostyn who has given millions of $$$$ to Obama would have any interest in a JP race in Galveston County...Maybe that's why you got beat in your last election.Your.out of touch with reality. And please don't tell me you received a robo call from Mostyn....

Judy Foster

mickphalen....why is you don't ever mention the $100's of thousands of $$$$ Mark Henry has received from vendors who do business with the county on a daily basis. You always want to mention $$$ his opponent receiving $$$$ from an attorney, whom you never name.

Toni Randall

Judy0313 you need to ask Alison about the PCT chairperson from TC who called the law firm and while on speaker phone they confirmed they were making calls on her behalf. The law firm was MOSTYN LAW FIRM and Anne Darring was standing right there and heard it all. This Law firm is the largest funder to statewide Democrats and you're correct, "why would they get involved in a little JP race in Galveston County" . lol Glad Alison and not ME.

Judy Foster

tonirandal...Who is this TC pct. chairman, Shawn Christopher Phillips?

Robert Young

I don't think that particular lawyer has hurt any industry in Galveston county, You see the jurors come from our county and they have the last say in those multimillion dollar trials. Mr. Buzbee just did his job and the jurors, who are our neighbors, agreed..They hear the evidence we read about it. Blame your neighbors.

As far as contributions taken in by the candidates. A contribution does not automatically mean the candidate has sold out or will give anything back.. In fact if you look at Buzbee in particular,, He really can't buy a Judge.,He don't need to.. He is smart enough to get the case to a jury and not let a point of law or a judge kick it .. So he in particular does not need any judge. Again, It is the jury that counts!

I don't think he practices government law and I wouldn't think he would be wanting to tie up his practice on a future county government contract worth two or three hundred thousand a year when the man probably bills that a week. I would think he does not need the headache. Personally I think that he just loves the game of politics and that includes backing good folks and crapping on a rascal..Just saying.. While I certainly can't speak for him it really has occurred me that he and his family live here and may just want good candidates like Ms. Hatmaker and fair citizen friendly government. His contribution was probably about the same to him as our hundred dollar donation was to us..When the political leaders of this county jab at him as they did... What do you expect? You don't tug on superman's cape.. FYI. Mr Buzbee is a former US Marine COMBAT veteran who has fought with fists and rifles (and probably some artillery) now its with his hard earned money. He has absolutely earned the right to give to whoever, whenever he wants. I won't always agree with what you or he may say but I will agree that HE as a veteran paid the price for our 1st amendment rights. Thank you Tony Buzbee and ALL veterans who with their sweat and blood defended our country and our way of life. Give on my man..Money makes the world go around and its good for our local economy.. I.E.Sign company's radio stations, Comcast, printers and mailers have done great this last 2 months.

Now lets get back to the GCTP. I don't always agree with their picks and some of their moves frankly confound me too. The national TP just crapped on Stockman, Why? I would like to see more local common sense. and respect for each other. When you walk around growling filled with political hate all the damn time, someone is gonna growl back. We were just talking about it in the previous paragraph. Sometimes CARma catches up with you and runs over your DOGma.
Elections 2014 will be interesting. Respectfully. JM

Mick Phalen

Mornin' justaman,

Your defense of Mr. Buzbee was very rational, and without personal attacks, and I thank you and respect your opinion.

But I'm still looking for someone who will answer the two questions I asked a while back:

1). SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS? If Mr. Buzbee is looking for good government, he needs to do nothing more than vote for Toni Randall - and he could have donated the SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS to Kinsey's legacy.

2). What in the world is a group advertising themselves as the conservative alternative to the incumbent Republicans actively seeking money and endorsements from the most liberal of local and state Democrats?
2a) What do the Democrats get in return?

Mick Phalen

Election news from a few years back:

"Democrats Charles Jordan, Helen Stewart Truscot and Lonnie Cox are competing for the 122nd District Court Judge nomination. Republican John Ellisor is running unopposed."

"John Hart, Larry Taylor and Tad Nelson are competing for the Republican nomination for District 24, while Tony Buzbee is running unopposed for the Democratic nomination."

So, I ask again - what do Democrats get for supporting for Alison Cox (OK, I know what Lonnie Cox does, or doesn't, get)

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