Please proceed with caution with your vote, for your future depends on it.

As with all life choices one makes, they come with consequences.

We all know how all the hope and change turned out. Going 180 degrees the other way is not the answer either (we do have both RINOs and DINOs).

Take the (family) name recognition, slick ads, smooth speeches, good looks, nice dress, etc., out of the process, for all claim to be the only one qualified, the most conservative Republican (for now) representing your interest.

Neither party nor individual corners the market on lies, corruption, personal agendas and “friends and families” programs.

In this Google-Twitter-Facebook world, it’s easy to propagate anything and everything. Find out for yourself. Catch the candidates unaware.

Personally, I repeatedly observed a not-so-positive “change” as soon as the swearing-in ceremony ended, and intend to practice term limits, with a few exceptions.

I believe it was Joyce Meyer who said, “Just because you go to church doesn’t mean you’re a Christian. I can go sit in the garage all day and it doesn’t make me a car.”

Beware of the screen savers!

Hoi Heldt

San Leon

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Gary Miller

RE Hoi Heldt

So true.
Have you noticed every GOP candidate claims to be a "rock solid Conservative"
Some are RINO's as liberal as BHO.
They claim to be Conservative Republicans because there is little future for liberals in Texas politics.
The Tea Party is working hard to sort them out.
Their first sample ballot lists real conservatives.

Comment deleted.
Leon Lion

On their way out! I don't see but 1 or 2 Dems running for anything locally.

This may surprise you though, I'm voting for one of them. I vote the person, not the party.

As for State elections, I hope you have a big crying towel available.

Comment deleted.
Carlos Ponce

Island Runner, with a lack of Democrats running and your hatred of the GOP does that mean you are going to vote Libertarian?

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