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Nassim Joseph

I was not receiving mail for sometimes 1-1 1/2 weeks at a time. I, too, attempted to contact the postmaster several times at the Broadway post office and he refused to talk to me. They committed several times that a supervisor would contact me, but never a response. I'm not sure how long it will last, but I have been receiving mail daily since I started posting major complaints on the USPS.com website. These complaints go to the Postmaster General's office and, supposedly are monitored by his office. I would suggest you start posting your concerns on the USPS.com website, as I did, because the more they hear of our issues on the island, they may do something to correct it. Locally, they are

Nassim Joseph

Unfortunately, i must have hit the enter key.
I wanted to continue to say that the local post office is reporting mail as delivered when, in fact, it has not, sometimes sitting in the local office until someone approves overtime to deliver all the dated material.
One suggestion to the post office: Tell your carriers to stay off of their cell phones and they might get their job done.

Linda Vaccaro

Thankfully, we have a wonderful Mail Lady on the far west end. I have seen multiple complaints from people on FB regarding their misdirected, or not delivered at all mail-constantly! Have one of your reporters post a message asking to local groups for input and to contact said reporter for the total scoop. Bet they would get a lot of responses.

Dorene Philpot

Our revolving door of mail carriers absolutely WILL NOT come to the door with certified mail. Instead they put a card in the community mailbox down the street saying delivery was attempted but no one was there to sign for it. Of course, I am not standing down by the community mailbox in the hopes that I might have a certified mail piece that day. I work from home, so I am home most of the time. Then I sign the card, they pick it up the next day, and then two or three days later the certified mail piece is put in the box. If I try to pick it up at the post office, they can NEVER find it, wasting a half hour of my time. The sender paid for a signature, not for extra slow delivery. The thing about certified mail is that it is almost always a check, so the delay is harmful.

Gary Miller

MY wife got a postal box to make sure she got her business mail. Our problem here in TC is mail delivered to wrong address. After several times being told by postmaster it isn't possible for mail to be delivered to wrong address I now have my bills delivered to wife's box. NO more late charges but increased cost of mail.

Steve Fouga

Maybe the weirdest thing about Galveston's mail problem is the inconsistency across the Island. Our mail carrier is so reliable that if we don't receive mail, we can assume there was none to deliver. He comes by at least once every day, and often twice. And yet in every forum I'm a member of, complaining about slow mail has become common.

I don't recall this much complaining even a year ago. 🤔

Charles Olsen

Our Post Office is terrible. They can't seem to get the mail to the right address and god help you if you visit one of the two site they have on the Island and expect good customer service.

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