The good old USA — everyone wants to come here. Why? Quality of life, education, plenty of food, clothing, jobs, a home and protection regardless of color, creed, gender and no war. You are free to practice the religion of your choice or none at all.

How sad it is that people want to leave the country of their birth due to it being destroyed because of dysfunctional governments, ignorance, fear and deep rooted religious hatred. Can’t we all just get along? 

Why can’t you live alongside others who might not have the same views as you? Religious extremists, drug lords and terrorists have torn countries apart because they are just stubborn, brainwashed and backward.

Hopefully the youth of this world realize peace is better than war and that tolerance is better than prejudice, chauvinism and racism, and will make a difference when it’s their time to lead. I thank God I was born in Texas and the great United States of America. We are truly blessed compared to other folks in other countries.

Faye Leonhardt lives in Texas City.

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Paula Flinn

Cannot argue with that. We who were born here were and are blessed. My grandparents immigrated here from Ireland, Germany, and Yugoslavia (now Croatia) before 1900. Very fortunate to be born in the United States with the opportunities for an education and/or job to have a good life here.

Thanks for writing.


I disagree. Those born in America are not blessed! That is a misrepresentation of the truth! Now, I'm going to tarry here a while, and let somebody talk back to me if they can.

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