Protection, empowerment, freedom from injustice and participation as an American baby boomer, I've lived under two different systems of government: Post World War II government; government of, by and for the people requires a government with the moral purpose to equally protect and empower all the people such that 1. People's individual freedoms are maximized; and 2. Economic, social, racial and environmental injustices are minimized, and active participation of a majority of the people to maintain such a government.

Post 1980s government: A government of, by and only for the successful which requires: Government with the focused purpose to protect and enrich only the successful such that their individual freedom and wealth are maximized without concern for any resulting injustices; and active participation of the successful, and their admirers, to maintain such a government.

Fortunately, I benefited greatly from both the former system of government and many other factors. However, even though my daughter, and others her age and younger, shared similar factors, they will continue struggling with the latter system of government. The latter system, which is killing our middle class, will continue until we re-learn that government of, by and for all the people is key part of the solution.

Charles Hailey



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Diane Turski

Well said. I have also experienced living under both of these economic theories and post WWII was definitely the most productive in building the American middle class. Supposedly voters would like to replicate this time of economic productivity to rebuild the middle class after it was decimated by the post eighties Chicago School of economic theory. However, it seems that a refresher course in post WWII American economic history would be useful so voters would understand that they would have to start voting for leaders who also understand the difference and act accordingly. One can only hope that during the next four years voters will make the time to take that refresher course in American economics so that we will be able to elect leaders who will rebuild the American middle class of post WWII.

George Croix

How'd the last 8 years of social justice warrior economic theory work out for the country....the rob Peter to pay Paul economic model???
The middle class shrank for the FIRST time under the supposed leadership of a far left ideologue, who's idea of jobs creation was a numbers game, and not a quality game...failing even at that low bar, as the many millions who gave up looking for work can attest.
One does not build a middle class with food stamps and welfare checks and unemployment checks and 29.5 hour work weeks and forced taxation in the form of 'health insurance' with too high premiums and too high deductibles for most people, unable to use their insurance because the out of pocket costs are too great. Once the model becomes to create good jobs in THIS country again and stop paying people to do nothing, then the middle class will come back.
until then, the usual suspects will complain that the government is not doing enough for them, when the fcat is the government did way too much, and removed their chance to do for themselves.
This is America, not Greece, no matter how much the 'more bang for the buck from unemployment checks' bunch wants to pretend otherwise.
One would think the self-proclaimed intelligentsia would catch on...but, noooooo...

Doyle Beard

Well spoken George and sad so many just don't get this.

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