When not working to disarm and leave honest citizens defenseless, the pro-crime lobby is busy protecting, defending, justifying and subsidizing criminal behavior.

Whether it’s the People for the American Way, American Civil Liberties Union or the Obama administration attempting to install defense-attorney-for-cop-killers Debo Adegbile to the U.S. Department of Justice, you can count on liberal Democrats to promote those who victimize the rest of us.

It is no surprise then that long time Democratic primary voter Jeri Kinnear (“Campaigns should be cleaner than this,” Daily News, April 3) would attempt to obfuscate the meaning of our mailing, which informed voters of judicial candidate Patricia Grady’s track record. Grady has made a living defending the most violent and reprehensible of criminals.

At issue is merit — should Grady, as someone who has made a living defending the violent and reprehensible, be put into a position to judge and acquit the violent and reprehensible? Merit matters — should a community organizer with no executive experience be made our chief executive? How has that worked out?

We support the constitutional right to a trial by jury and the role of the attorney who defends those accused of the violent and reprehensible.

We do not support making such attorneys judges. Grady has run on a campaign of astonishing brazen hypocrisy and we stand behind our efforts to inform voters on the truth behind the issues we believe of most importance to the families of our county.

Jason Delgado

Texas City

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Walter Manuel

Ah ha!

So it FINALLY comes out that it was in fact Rachel Delgado's husband behind this ridiculous mass mail out?

Maybe everyone should look at every job that Mr. Delgado's wife has had in the past and the responsibilities that came with that position and then dissect what they like and don't like about the position that she held before they consider voting for her next time?

"Making a living by defending the violent and reprehensible" as is often times required of a court appointed attorney would hardly disqualify someone from being a fair and competent judge.

Politics certainly makes for terrible bed partners!

Dirty politics, well that just speaks for itsself! [wink]

Raymond Lewis

Mr. Delgado, your letter explains little but makes much very clear. Missionary Man seems to have captured what needs to have been said.

Walter Manuel

I forgot to mention this in my previous post....

"Obfuscation" is perhaps the intended purpose of this mass mail out in a desperate attempt to confuse it's readers? Somehow, it seems that it may have actually backfired and now has rallied those who were once the fence to throw their support behind Patricia Grady?

It's always easier to just tell people the truth than to try and "obfuscate" your way through it! [smile]

Walter Manuel

Ooops! That should have read, "now has rallied those who were once "riding" the fence to throw their support behind Patricia Grady?

Your absolutely correct Trebleclef! The authors intent in writing this letter did very little to discredit anyone outside of their own group. [huh]

Gary Miller

Our justice system requires every defendent have good legal representation.
It doesn't mean the lawyer supports or defends the conduct of the accused.
Judges appoint lawyers to assure the accused gets good legal assistance to not have trials overturned by appeal.
After interviewing Grady at a Tea Party meeting she'll get my vote. No mass mailing by an "opponent" will change my mind. That mailing confirmed my choice.

Jackson Hancock

Maybe those of you should stop and reconsider your obvious choice of supporting Pat Grady when you learn that by her own admission stopped working as a lawyer and that she did, indeed let her law license lapse. A simple Open Records Request to the Governor's Appointment office will show you what you need to know.

While I do not subscribe to the "attack" mailers, I do my own independent homework and found that Ms. Grady may be a nice lady but without experience or qualifications.

What Mr. Delgado seems to be pointing out is that while Ms. Grady attacks her opponent for being a legitimate and highly qualified lawyer who has represented both civil and criminal, she herself is nothing but a bought and paid for candidate by big business and corporate America who wants to ensure your rights are limited while her financial benefactors are given open door access when it comes to bringing a complaint to the 212th .

So, the next time a nice little hurricane comes through and your insurance company doesn't want to pay your claim, you'll go before Grady just to hear you aren't entitled to sue, after all, her campaign was bought and paid for by the insurance lobbyists.

Dwight Burns

Mr. Delgado's statement, "you can count on liberal Democrats to promote those who victimize the rest of us", is a prime example of hate politics being proliferated across America by some politicians who play the fear card.

Walter Manuel

Drumb47, your absolutely right about people trying to instill fear in others by playing the fear card!

I'm certainly glad that I didn't waste my time nor those at the "Governor's Appointment office" regarding Patricia Grady's license ever being lapsed?

After looking at Mrs. Grady's campaign finance report, I found that it was enough evidence for me that Islandstudent obviously doesn't want people knowing the real truth just like that of Mr. Delgado and their PAC?

The finance report that I saw for Mrs. Grady only has a couple of insurance companies listed as donors and they certainly wouldn't qualify as being considered huge donors by any stretch of the imagination.

There were numerous oil and gas companies, attorneys, real estate agency's and of course just ordinary people supporting a candidate who they feel is worth will best serve the 212th district court.

You would think that anyone with a working brain cell would certainly understand that attorney's don't always get to pick and choose who they represent in court and I'm sure her opponent has had his own share of individuals that he wished that he didn't have to represent either?

At the end of the day, I must commend Mrs. Grady and her supporters for continuing to run a clean race and not feeding into the attacks and negativity that is being demonstarted by her opponents supporters.

One good thing to come out of Jeri Kinnear's guest column was that she did manage to force the not so clever fox out of his hole for all of the public to finally see! [wink]

Walter Manuel

Ooops! Danggit!

That should have read, "just ordinary people supporting a candidate who they feel will best serve the 212th district court".

Robert Young

The courthouse is where the special interest collide.. I can't hire a insurance company to represent me at the courthouse because when we get there we are on opposing sides.. But I can Hire Buzzbee to defend me. Insurance company's make their money denying claims. I don't give a damn about some insurance company having to pay a damage claim. That is their Job by contract folks!. Don't ever believe that we need to keep the claims down so we can pass the savings to the policyholders.. They pass it the savings to the CEO who earns 4 -6 million a year on average and the rest stockholders. Look, don't be a dumbass and vote away your chance to collect on a valid claim in the 212th.. Elect Brett Griffin at least he can fairly relate to your being the victim here. Remember where you live, Hurricane alley!

Gary Miller

Insurance companies reject illigitimate claims.
If you can't prove you owned or insured the "priceless" painting lost in a fire the claim will be rejected.
If you can't prove you really had the jewlrey you claim was stolen, the claim will be rejected.
There are no special values on family "heirlooms" until you list them and pay the premium on them.
Keep reciepts on fur coats and guns in safe deposit boxes if you expect the insurance company to accept a claim on them.

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