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Mailing speaks to candidate’s merit - The Galveston County Daily News: Letters To Editor

October 28, 2016

Mailing speaks to candidate’s merit

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Posted: Monday, April 7, 2014 12:00 am

When not working to disarm and leave honest citizens defenseless, the pro-crime lobby is busy protecting, defending, justifying and subsidizing criminal behavior.

Whether it’s the People for the American Way, American Civil Liberties Union or the Obama administration attempting to install defense-attorney-for-cop-killers Debo Adegbile to the U.S. Department of Justice, you can count on liberal Democrats to promote those who victimize the rest of us.

It is no surprise then that long time Democratic primary voter Jeri Kinnear (“Campaigns should be cleaner than this,” Daily News, April 3) would attempt to obfuscate the meaning of our mailing, which informed voters of judicial candidate Patricia Grady’s track record. Grady has made a living defending the most violent and reprehensible of criminals.

At issue is merit — should Grady, as someone who has made a living defending the violent and reprehensible, be put into a position to judge and acquit the violent and reprehensible? Merit matters — should a community organizer with no executive experience be made our chief executive? How has that worked out?

We support the constitutional right to a trial by jury and the role of the attorney who defends those accused of the violent and reprehensible.

We do not support making such attorneys judges. Grady has run on a campaign of astonishing brazen hypocrisy and we stand behind our efforts to inform voters on the truth behind the issues we believe of most importance to the families of our county.