I’m writing to discuss my concerns about the American Health Care Act, the House Republication bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

As a physician who has been practicing in this community for almost three years, I am worried this bill will leave more Texans uninsured or underinsured and ultimately cost both the state and the federal government significantly more money. Quite simply, for every $1 we spend on prenatal care, we save $3 on newborn care; for every $1 we spend on preventive services, we save $5 on chronic medical conditions; and for every $1 we spend on contraceptive coverage, we save over $7 on maternity care.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act will jeopardize not only the strides we’ve made in health care, but also come at a costly price. As a physician, I recognize that the ACA is far from perfect, however, repealing it for the AHCA will do more harm than good. We must not be hasty.

Health care should be done right and it’s time for our legislators to reach across the aisle and come together to develop a plan that provides adequate health care without the steep price. 

Parin Patel



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Carlos Ponce

I agree with your statement "Health care should be done right and it’s time for our legislators to reach across the aisle and come together to develop a plan that provides adequate health care without the steep price". That's what Donald Trump and the Republicans are trying to do.
The architect of the monstrous tome ACA (AKA Obamacare) MIT professor Jonathan Gruber said " And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really really critical to get for the thing to pass. Look, I wish Mark was right that we could make it all transparent, but I’d rather have this law than not."
"stupidity of the American voter" ??? That's very telling.
The ACA doesn't work. Insurance companies are dropping out. The pundits say that umpteen millions are now insured. What good is it if they can't use it because co-pays and deductibles are sky high and now premiums are increasing, some over 100%? It should be renamed "UACA" - the UN-Affordable Care Act but Obamacare will do nicely and is more apt. If the ACA worked for you, fine, consider yourself "lucky". But what about the MILLIONS for whom it does not work? And look at the cost of health care, Rising, rising, rising at a rate higher than the norm. Affordable my foot!
And Liberals are in a tizzy saying the Republicans can't agree on the final product. Yes, they don't walk "lock step" like the opposition. Unlike that loony representative who said, "We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It", Republicans will read and and question if this is what is best. And there will be input from the other side of the aisle, unlike the ACA.

Doyle Beard

repealing the ACA( farce not affordable by may) will do more harm han good yet next you say legislators should rach across the aisle and come up with a good plan. Which do you want?

Mike Zeller

All I can say is the ACA worked for me when I needed It. I'll hold judgement on the Republican plan until I see the final product, but right now, according to most reports, it doesn't look good. Whatever the Republicans end up with, they'll own it.

Paula Flinn

Senate Republicans eliminated the clause that said the government should reimburse the insurance companies after people went to the doctor and used paid only a small amount for their ACA policies and premiums. Since they somewhat "gutted" the ACA, the government did not pay the insurance companies, and so they folded, and premiums went up. I understand that Sen. Marco Rubio was a leader on the ACA sabotage.

The ACA worked when my son needed it. He was in the hospital for 3 days, one day in intensive care. He paid $0 for a $21,000 bill. His premiums were low because that was before the Senate Republicans removed the "risk" clause. Obamacare was working just fine, then.

Carlos Ponce

Mike and Paula's son consider yourselves LUCKY. It doesn't work for millions.
Mike, did you use your maternity coverage? It's mandatory in men's ACA package. Frankly, I think you're too old to have a baby but who knows?

Mike Zeller

Carlos, I just checked my policy so that I would be 100% correct. The ACA covers "Acquired Brain Injury" and "Mental Illness". Your good to go, should you decide to get coverage. Good luck ! [beam]

Carlos Ponce

I have TRS care but I'm glad to hear it's on your policy !

Jim Forsythe

It's nice that you have The Ripon Society to fall back on.

Carlos Ponce

Never heard of them.

Jim Forsythe

I'm surprised that you have not! After all "the Society's name comes from the 1854 birthplace of the Republican Party"

The Ripon Society is an American centrist Republican public policy organization based in Washington, D.C. It produces The Ripon Forum, the U.S.'s longest running Republican thought and opinion journal,as well as The Ripon Advance, a daily news publication.
Founded in 1962 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Society's name comes from the 1854 birthplace of the Republican Party—Ripon, Wisconsin. Its main goals are to promote the following American ideas and principles: national security, low taxes, and a federal government that is smaller, smarter and more accountable to the people.
The Ripon Society's objectives are focused on an understanding within the Republican Party of public policies, ideas and actions that:
Strengthen the American family.
Promote and achieve an innovative and effective educational system.
Improve and protect health, and safety and the natural environment.
Advance participation in and development of a sound, growing economy.
Ensure a strong, effective national defense.
Encourage reasoned, effective government at local, state and federal levels that nurtures participation in our political system.

Carlos Ponce

I'm not a Republican, I'm a Conservative. I don't pay dues, I don't contribute to the Republican Party. Are all Republicans Conservative? No. Are all Conservatives Republican, No. Show me a Democrat who exhibits true Conservative values and that person has my vote. Can't find one. Joe Lieberman exhibited some conservative values, not enough but he was only second fiddle on that ticket.

Jim Forsythe

If you are not a Republican, do you consider yourself a Independent?
As you are student of history, I felt sure you would have known about The Ripon Society. Was not suggesting that you were a Republican.

We all pay dues in the form of what happens in DC.
Sometimes, when someone has not worked their way up from the bottom , some say they have not paid their dues.

Carlos Ponce

"It's nice that you have The Ripon Society to fall back on." hints that you think I'm Republican. A Conservative are not Independent. We vote for the most conservative candidate available. Like the old story goes:
Person 1: Are you voting for the Democrat or Republican candidate?
Person 2: I'm voting for a Conservative candidate like my father, grandfather, great-grandfather did.
1. If your father, grandfather and great-grandfather were horse thieves would you be one too?
2 Now that's different. If my father was a horse thief, my grandfather was a horse thief and my Great-grandfather was a horse thief I'd vote Democrat.[innocent]

George Croix

But, but, we have to PASS the new bill, to find out if it works....
Isn't that the 'progressive' accepted pattern for this subject.....
Or, were 'ya'll for that, before you were against it..... [whistling][rolleyes][cool][innocent][beam]

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