Come on Mark Henry! You mean to tell me you saved the county $1.35 million by paying $665,000 ("Commissioners agree to pay $665K in FM 646 dispute," The Daily News, Sept. 12)?

The county entered into a contract with a company, did not live up to your end of the contract and had to pay $665,000. The county possibly entered into a contract in bad faith knowing you could not fulfill your responsibilities and took advantage of a contractor who did not know this. The next lowest bid should not even be in the discussion.

The actions cost the county taxpayers $665,000; end of story.

Kevin Stephenson

League City


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Mark Stevens

As I recall, at about the time the County should have been attending to the road contract, the Commissioners had on their workshop agenda (I think it was October of 2014) an item for exploring ways to save money on toner at the courthouse. This is a prime example of incompetence--paying attention to trivia because they don't understand the big issues. Otherwise known as penny wise, pound foolish.
Then there's the matte of the $1.3 million or so that the County needlessly forked over to Mark Henry's counsel in the Cox-Henry dispute. A visiting judge in another case recently got a look at those fee figures and...let's just say he was truly amazed. That hearing will resume on October 6, at 9:00, unless that setting changes.
Mark W. Stevens

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