Mardi Gras must be drastically changed before more violence, near riots and drunken drivers run off the few good tourists we have during Mardi Gras. Despite the phony talk, the entry fees have proved to keep families out and attract undesirable gang members.

If you visited The Strand, you saw that all the people are young thug-types who either are high or drunk. Is that what we want to keep doing?

Nobody with any sense will dare to go out to The Strand at night. The policemen should ask the city manager and council to put an end to the foolish Mardi Gras contract that allows the promoter to control our town and scar our city with countless newscasts about crimes each year.

The Mardi Gras contract requires the city to make bad investments, unsafe choices and places policemen in danger unnecessarily. Scaling Mardi Gras back for a couple of years without a promoter is the safe, smart and right thing to do.

Jim Stevenson


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phillip cowart

This type venue needs to be moved to private property, and off the streets of downtown Galveston. Who is acountible for allowing this promoter an open bar, on the streets of downtown Galveston.

Carlos Ponce

I passed a sign that read " Fines are doubled during Road Construction". If they can double the fines during road construction how about this: " WARNING: Fines are doubled for infractions committed in a Mardi Gras Zone. Failure to comply with Police directives may result in you being Pepper-sprayed!"

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