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Paula Flinn

Thanks for your informative letter. The plant sounds like a winner for the area, an economic boon with more job opportunities.

JD Arnold

Yep, send the product to china, they make anti-freeze and send back here to sell to us. That's a good deal because you know, they can pay their workers like $8.00 a day to make the stuff. We need to send all the profits we can to china because they need it.

Paula Flinn

It isn't as though we are not invested in their country and they are not invested in ours, already. If Texas City doesn't compete for this plant, it will go somewhere else, taking the white collar and blue collar jobs with it. Think of the people and the jobs!!

George Croix

Then don't buy any Dodge or Chrysler products because the bulk of that money goes to now parent company FIAT...that's in Italy...
All part of a thank you to American taxpayers for dumping billions of our dollars into Chrysler Corp...twice...

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