We're tired of the bickering and immature actions of our government leaders, and the media.

Americans are fed up with our government leaders doing everything but leading the government (except shutting it down and paying themselves for it), and the media making such time-consuming news of it.

Enough is enough!

I, for one, will not watch or listen anymore.

It's discouraging and extremely boring. It's bad, and stupid news every day.

If more people did this, it just might have some kind of impact.

I'm also sending this letter to our leaders. Have they forgotten that we "will" vote again? I've had it!

Eldrege Langlinais



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Blanca Bell

You tell'm Eldrege, I agreed 100%!!!

Doyle Beard

Amen and this goes for both parties.Get to work or get the hell of of dodge. Nothing short of selfishness from both parties, forget the parties and do your jobs. both are so power hungary the people have been forgotten. We did not elect you to both whine about every little thing that doesn't go your way. No one else in their jobs ( the ones who pay your salary) can act like a bunch if immature brats. Get to work and why the damn news media dosn't demand that for the people is beyond me.

Jarvis Buckley

Doyle the news media doesn't care about you or me. Or the country for that matter.

Doyle Beard

Right Jarvis,it's proof how low they can go.

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