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GW Cornelius

Sounds like you would like out houses on all the corners.

Gary Miller

Except price what is the difference between a Portland LOO and a porta potty outhouse?

Gary Miller

Yes It stinks. The more learned the worse it smells.
Their plan is to buy $90,000 outhouses because they couldn't find any $100,000 or $200,000 outhouses.

Steve Fouga

IHOG, you are hilarious: "Their plan is to buy $90,000 outhouses because they couldn't find any $100,000 or $200,000 outhouses."

This loo idea is one of the stupidest yet, exceeded only by the trolleys. Nice, clean porta-potties work fine. I know.

But I admit I haven't seen the numbers: Are the loos cost-competitive with other options? Doesn't sound like it, but who knows? Maybe no one. Surely someone at the City has done their homework...?...

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