These days we are seeing many candidates, and their supporters, making nasty claims and degrading remarks about their opponents.

It occurs to me that if a person needs to go negative about an opponent, then he or she has very little that is positive to add to the debate.

Most of your readers know that I ran for Congress in the 2012 primary election. In that race, most of us were friends, or at least friendly, with each other.

We stuck to the issues and didn’t go negative. Three of us even went so far as to band together to write weekly columns for your paper.

Winning isn’t everything; adding to the debate and making a positive contribution is.

It’s OK to tell folks how you differ from your opponents, but please, quit with the nastiness. Thanks.

Bill Sargent


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Christine Mangle

Thank you Mr. Sargent! I could not agree more. It is disappointing that so many of the races have become so negative.

Norman Pappous

Well said!!

Gary Miller

What Bill says is the Reagan rule for conservatives. "don't attack other conservatives."
Explain to voters why they should vote for you, convince voters you are the candidate they want.
Attacking your conservative opponent forces voters to think they are voting for the best of two poor choices when they could be voting for the best of two good choices.
Remember the worst conservative will be better than the best liberal.

Miss Priss

True Bill Sargent....

Make sure that all the votes are counted squarely.

Make sure those voting machines are functioning properly.

Talk to your buddy O'Brien about his son's negative mail pieces for they are the worst. After all, his opponent never brought up his mental illness issues which I thought was pretty classy of him.

Mick Phalen

Hi truthserum,

It was classy of you to not bring it up, either

Carlos Ponce

It's bad enough when the opposing party starts hurling mud but when it comes from your own corner its gotta hurt. Come November, all primary losers will be backing their party's nominee but the opposing party will use the ammunition. Remember who the first "birther" was, who insisted Barack Obama was not born in this country but in Kenya? It was Hillary Rodham Clinton's supporters, not the Republicans. Notice how the Democratic Party forgave them then blamed the Republicans as being "birthers". Ask the average Low Information Voter and they'll tell you the Republicans started it in 2008.

Miss Priss

Mic Phalen....

That was exactly my point. Try and keep up.

Mick Phalen

Gimme a break - I'm going as fast as I can ... The bumps and bruises of political blogging in Galveston County takes a toll on us senior citizens - definitely no respect for your elders. [smile]

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