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Chris Gimenez

Mr. Graham, you just had an opportunity to write an opposing view and all we got was mush.

Gary Miller

Mr. Graham.
Because liberal spin is boring the second or fourteenth time it's heard. I suspect the GCDN would jump at publishing a new or valid thought from a liberal.
Dumping your human waste in your drinking water as a selling point isn't liberal but is dumb enough to qualify you for believing liberal spin.

Steve Fouga

"Because liberal spin is boring the second or fourteenth time it's heard."

I have to ditto what IHOG said. And I'd add this: so is conservative self-righteousness.


George Croix

It's all the rage these days among the nattering classes....[beam]

Steve Fouga

Equality is badly over-rated. Give me superiority any day! [beam]

Mike Leahy

"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"...rings a bell but I can't quite place it...I think a girl named Marianne used to say that all the time in my youth.

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