In a guest column published June 11, Anna Wygrys of Santa Fe defended the prisoner exchanged that freed Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

President Barack Obama’s fine legacy is an insult to our intelligence, and Anna Wygrys’ assumptions are incorrect (“Obama’s fine legacy already has been written,” Daily News, June 11).

The Taliban are not a country, and these aren’t prisoners of war, but terrorists who are not protected by the Geneva Convention.

The act of negotiating with terrorist and failure to inform congress in advance is illegal.

No one is trying to make President Obama fail, as he is doing a good job all by himself with the Health Care Act, lies, broken promises and the use of a federal agency to punish conservatives in continued opposition to the protections promised under our constitution.

I work in an industry that uses websites, software and computer technology to deliver its products and services.

I continue to be amazed at the lack of competence, massive overspending and the failure of the health care website.

We could have provided an efficient solution for several million dollars and not billions.

This administration promised a transparent government, but has produced secrecy, cronyism and an uncompromising liberal agenda.

Failure in every endeavor will be the legacy from health care, Benghazi, czars, the IRS, the Veteran’s Administration, Fast and Furious and the distressing disaster on our Texas-Mexico border as we read today’s newspaper.

Legacy indeed, good luck.

Henry Homrighaus

Texas City

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GW Cornelius

Actually he has done a terrific job considering he went into office with a mess made by the GOP.

Carlos Ponce

And, Island Runner, Barack Obama has left an even BIGGER mess in his wake. Bush II was not perfect and he made some mistakes, but I miss him. "Those were the days my friend, we'd thought they'd never end. We'd sing and dance forever and a day......"

Chris Gimenez

IR, going in front of college students and lying to them about their future prospects under your president's "green-energy, climate-change, illegal aliens being the future of this country, etc", might sound all Hope-and-Changey but the reality is far, far worse. Many of those college students are destined to a jobless economy with greater and greater amounts of their income being stolen to pay for the Entitlement Party's new society.

Lars Faltskog

This current President and "Shrub" Bush have had no effect on my daily life.

Obama will be set in history as no more or no less successful as the others.

With the exception of "I'm not a Crook" Nixon. Ever since then, the Republicans have been increasing a clown car of sorted characters.

- - Happy 40th Watergate Anniversary - -

Carlos Ponce

Poor sverige, he thinks he is an island but the fact that he almost daily has to defend Obama's failed presidency shows that BO HAS had an effect on his daily life! Did you have to log in to the GDN this often during the Bush administration? Just asking. History is already judging this presidency and Jimmy Carter is grinning.[beam] Jimmy is no longer the WORST president in American History!

Brian Tamney

so how are they sorted, by height, weight eye color, I'm confused.[beam]

George Croix

Worst Qualities

Best Qualities
7)Team player

Those are my own ten point Presidential criteria measurements.
Our current one has the first ten down handily.
Got 30 more months to get started on any of them in list #2...[rolleyes]

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