Almost three weeks ago, my dog was attacked while I was walking her on 21st Street near Avenue L. I just want to thank the bystanders who came and helped me get my dog to safety, confine the attacking dog until the police and owner came, and call the police.

I also want to thank my awesome neighbors, Rob, Julie Ann and Denice, who took us to the emergency vet in League City, the Urgent Care Clinic, and for helping me take care of my dog after her surgery.

This letter also is to serve as a reminder to keep your dogs confined to your home or yard. The dog that attacked us was seen off a leash two weeks later in the same area.

My vet told me there has been a recent increase in the number of dog attacks. We all must be careful when walking our dogs, even in places we are supposed to feel safe.

Allison Buchtien


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Chris Gimenez

Get your concealed handgun license, purchase a handgun, practice with the handgun, carry the handgun, shoot the next dog or person who attacks you. Waiting for the popo ain't the solution to the problem.

George Croix

My Glock 20, 30, or 36 is my anti-off leash insurance, coupled with a fair degree of ability to file a claim...[wink]
Note to bad -A's with similar dogs...I will bite...[beam][beam][beam][beam][beam]

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