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Chris Gimenez

More nonsense by the obama generation calling class warfare on anyone who's worked to make their lives better rather than depending on the federal government.

Tax breaks for the wealthy? Just exactly what tax breaks are you talking about Mr. Bond? Be specific. If they deduct the cost of a vehicle it's because they have a business under which they can deduct it and that applies to ALL business owners.

The bottom line here is that this president has convinced his base that working hard, taking risks, and making sacrifices are traits that should be scorned until the fruits of that labor start producing and then the perpetrators should be denigrated as being greedy, self-absorbed capitalists who don't give a whit about anyone else.

Carlos Ponce

L. Davied Bond, do you believe in the saying "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs?" Karl Marx.

Lars Faltskog

A very good letter from Bond. The rich folks' party is about to be over. There will come a day when they will fork over their fair share. No more tax write offs from exorbitant "business" spending. No more write offs for elaborate company balls and dinners.

Red letter day!

- - Hillary for President - -

Gary Miller


Exorbent business spending is jobs for people.
Elaborate company balls and dinners are paychecks for people.
A fancy big house is jobs for builders. A pricy luxury car is jobs for the people who built it.
If the rich stop buying fancy boats how many boat builders will lose their jobs?
Those unemployed boat builders were middle income, without jobs they'll stop buying anything a welfare check won't cover.

Hillery for garbage truck driver or "madam" at Bill's play ground..

Lars Faltskog

Well, ! IHOG -
The point is that the higher taxes the very rich bigwig needs to pay will not affect his/her ability to employ workers and buy the pleasure yacht. The higher taxes he/she deserves to pay would be a negligible drain on his/her business. Paying $1,000,000 out of your $10,000.000 for your deserved income tax obligation will still allow your remaining $9,000,000 to buy the pleasure boat, keep employees, etc. The only thing the fat cat is doing is foregoing one million dollars from his Cayman Island bank(s).

Time for them to pay their fair share, and "Madam" Hillary is a multitasker. She will take care of Bill's girls and run this country simultaneously.

Chris Gimenez

Well Servitude, just what is a "fair share" and who gets to decide that? Those who don't contribute to the income tax revenue that supports this country? I think it's only fair that those who don't pay income taxes aren't allowed to vote on anything that's income tax related to revenue or spending on entitlements. After all, if you don't put into the pot why should you be able to tell someone who isn't lazy or stupid or a drug addict or a welfare queen how much they should pay in? You see, it's pretty easy to paint every single wealthy person with a broad brush but that same broad brush can be used to paint other groups as well.

Gary Miller

The rich employ more people than all other income groups combined. Their loopholes and tax breaks are designed to increase the number of people they employ.
Progressives prime purpose of taxing the rich "beyond fairness" is reducing the number of workers getting paychecks form the rich.
Taxing the rich creates poverty that grows the entitlement industry.
The middle class has it's own loopholes and tax breaks designed to increase job creation when spending paychecks they got from the rich.

Some economic idiots think government spending increases jobs.
Government takes 5 private sector paychecks to get money to employ 3 government employees.

Raising taxes increases the need for welfare spending.
Tax cuts reduce the need for welfare spending.

GW Cornelius

You have to consider the source. Three blind GOP mice are always wrong.

Chris Gimenez

Entitlement Queens are a dime-a-dozen nowadays.

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 8:43 am on Sat, Mar 8, 2014:

Well, bevoresident, you certainly miss the point. Yes, there exists the freeloaders who bilk for everything they can get, and refuse to work. However, I am talking about the millions of middle class, hard-working citizens who pay more taxes in proportion to their income, as opposed to the filthy rich who pay way less tax in proportion to their income.

The above paragraph all has been said before by me and others, yet for some reason, folks like you seem to be "patsies" for the rich. Why? Would a rich person get up to bat for you, and would he/she forgo his Cayman Islands investments to think about how unfair you (as a middle class person) are being misproportioned in taxpaying?

I hasten to add that probably you and I are rather "comfortable" in the middle class-ness. Maybe even upper middle. I like to think of the struggling workers who have not yet attained such status. Many, especially the young, never will. I think more about the struggling up and coming middle class than I do the stinking rich, and I always will. Have fun playing "caddy" to your country club golfing master.

Chris Gimenez

Servitude, I don't miss the point at all. You and your kind believe what others have worked hard to accumulate should be redistributed to those who won't work. Your buddy Lang agrees that there is too much fraud and waste in the entitlement payment system but then says there's no way to fix it so the solution is to take more from those who have it. It's the typical cry from the left and that will never make this country the best it can be nor will it help anyone elevate themselves from one standard of living to another. There has to be a desire to move up and succeed and giving more to those who don't have that desire accomplishes nothing other than perpetrating dependency on the federal government. I don't care one little bit to have anyone who is doing better than me to "go to bat for me". I have the same opportunity he/she has and that's all I think is owed to me. You obviously think they owe you a great deal more, mainly that which they have earned fair and square. Your president has done more to deny that opportunity to the masses than anything any rich person has done.

Kevin Lang

Thank you for quoting me. However, it would be nice to be quoted accurately. I believe that what I've stated is that too few from both sides are too gutless to fix the fraud, as that requires real work, something which most of our representatives find to be a foreign condition. The right finds it far more convenient to push for benefits cuts, for they know their constituents are benefiting from the fraud, too.

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 10:42 pm on Sun, Mar 9, 2014,
Response to kevjlang posted at 6:50 am on Mon, Mar 10, 2014:

Well, my salient points too have been misrepresented. There is nothing wrong with being successful on one's own merits and so forth. Yet, the argument appears to be the lack of funds to go around to make the nation function.

As I've mentioned before, the "drain" that the poor and the takers have, in the grand scheme of things, is negligible, compared to the exorbitant amounts of moneys that the millionaire rich DON'T pay into the systems. Millions of poor who receive modest "assistance" is a drop in the bucket. The billions of dollars that the rich could justifyably be paying into is indeed opportunity lost, in regard to generating funds. Even Mr. Buffet has illustrated this point eloquently in the past.

We can whine all we want about the shiftless who don't do anything, but put all of the lazy unemployed to work, pay them minimum wage, and we'll see that their taxations won't do doodly squat to get this country's debt paid off. This simple ECO 101 for non-majors lesson has ended for this early morning.

Carlos Ponce

Well if you also tax the wealthy at 100% and cut EVERYTHING spent on defense that also "won't do doodly squat to get this country's debt paid off". And defense is one of the things the constitution says we can spend federal funds on. Where does the money go? It is a huge monster called BUREAUCRACY. Time to kill the monster.

Chris Gimenez

" Yet, the argument appears to be the lack of funds to go around to make the nation function."

Of course it's the way of the left. Nancy Pelosi famously-and erroneously-stated there was simply nothing else that could be cut from entitlements. Those who make it should just give it to those who won't. Socialism. That's what it is pure and simple. Here's the tip of the iceberg in fraud and waste.


There should be no increase in taxation until our elected officials eliminate the waste and fraud and if they're too lazy to do that then they shouldn't have more revenue to waste. Continuing to feed their insatiable appetites for revenue won't fix the problem because so much of it goes to their "pork spending".

As for Mr. Buffet making the same point as Servitude I think actions speak louder than words. He isn't leaving his vast wealth to the federal government to spend, he's leaving it to the Bill Gates Foundation-a private enterprise.

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