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Carlos Ponce

If they have the same production values as their previous efforts, Willy Wonka and the Wizard of Oz, it should be GREAT! Now That's Entertainment!

Leon Lion

Agreed, they have been great shows. I'm looking forward to this one also.

Lars Faltskog

Swedish military parody "Greased Lightning" -


Carlos Ponce

There were three outstanding performances in Friday Night's play. Madi Grossman in the role of Sandy had a wonderful voice and her portrayal of Sandy was excellent. I loved her singing "Hopelessly Devoted to You". Her singing of "Goodbye to Sandra Dee" at the end was very emotional and brought tears to my eyes. Madelynn Ruivivar's portrayal of Patty Simcox was excellent and reminded me of several girls I grew up with or had taught. A terrific performance also from Haley Rae Tucker as Rizzo, the likable "Bad Girl"with a great rendition of "There are Worse Things I Could Do". Well done!

Lars Faltskog

Was the "Goodbye to Sandra Dee" a tribute to the real Sandra Dee/actress? Not the song within the original movie that makes fun of the specific movie character's purity and blandness, correct? The song "Plain Old Sandra Dee" can be an educational tool It actually can illustrate an example of "bullying".

Carlos Ponce

Sandra Dee was a nickname given to the new girl Sandy Dumbrowski by the Pink Lady leader Betty Rizzo. As the new girl in town, Sandy was torn between two groups of girls, the Cheerleader-Student Council types like Patty Simcox and the Pink Ladies like Rizzo. Each group wanted her to join their group. Sandy did join the cheerleaders but also attended the Pink Ladies slumber parties. In the play presented "Goodbye to Sandra Dee" shows that she was bullied and not allowed to be herself. The full version of the song was not included in the movie "Grease".

"Look at me, There has to be Something more than what they see.
Wholesome and pure, Also scared and unsure, A poor man’s Sandra Dee.
When they criticize And make fun of me, Can’t they see the tears in my smile?
Don’t they realize There’s just one of me, And it has to last me a while?
Sandy, you Must start anew. Don’t you know what you Must do? Hold your head high, Take a deep breath and sigh, Goodbye To Sandra Dee."

The nickname Sandra Dee was given to Sandy because she also had a wholesome girl-next door image that Rizzo found too good to be true. So there is some reference to the actress who played wholesome girl - next- door types in her movies.

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