It was so refreshing to see Heber Taylor's commentary on very important issues in The Daily News' opinion page once again. In his commentary ("Was it just another routine traffic stop on I-45?," The Daily News, Oct. 29) he reminds us that we still have a problem with our justice system in Galveston County despite all the public attention to disparities in the treatment of white citizens and those of color.

Will we ever stop being afraid of those who don't look or speak like us, or those whose lifestyle doesn't match ours?

Sandra Sullivan



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Carlos Ponce

Really, Sandra? A man who did not pull over and stop until two miles after he saw the flashing lights? If ANYBODY did the same, they'd be ticketed too. Herber made a STRETCH and fell flat on his face. Does this really show "we still have a problem with our justice system in Galveston County" ???????? No, it does not. It shows a specific driver was CLUELESS when it comes to the traffic laws of the state of Texas. The illegible license plate is one thing. But not pulling over for two miles after the police flashed their lights shows VERY POOR JUDGEMENT. A $360 fine is a good lesson for the driver: PULL OVER WHEN YOU SEE FLASHING POLICE LIGHTS!!!!!!
"What must you do when you see blue and red flashing lights behind you?"
A. Speed up so you're not holding the emergency vehicle up
B. Slow down and move to the left
C. Slow down
D. Pull over and stop
The correct answer is D
If, as you are stopping, the police car overtakes you and continues on its way then you don't need to come to a stop.
Notice that "continue driving for TWO MILES then pull over and stop" is not an option here. That would never enter the mind of a good driver with a modicum of intelligence.

PD Hyatt

If you are not breaking the laws then I would bet that you need not fear being pulled over, and yet it would seem that many refuse to comply with the law because that is what they have been taught since they were babies.... If truth be told that is where the unfounded fear of law enforcement comes from and if the truth be told most of the stories of the so called oppression are not being told with truth, but with tongue in cheek....
I will be the first to admit that yes, there can be some bad police in the ranks, but people also have to admit that there are MANY citizens who have a bad attitude and are just looking for a fight with anyone that they come into contact with especially if that person is one of authority as they have been taught to hate all authority and to treat them with utter disdain!

Doyle Beard

Really Sandra , Hebers article was so unclear some thought this guy was pulled over for having water on his plates . The real reason was the plates were unreadable and that is a clear violation of the law. Unreadable plates and not stopping are 2 big worries for law enforcement. Poor journalism. Guess it impresses some.

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