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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013 - The Galveston County Daily News: Letters To Editor

December 6, 2016

Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013

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Posted: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 12:00 am

We voted a liar into presidency

With Thanksgiving coming soon, I’m trying to find something to be thankful for. I’ve decided I’m thankful for my family, my friends and my puppy. Other than that, I’m at a dead end.

Until now, I’ve always been thankful to be an American, who for 74 years has been fortunate to live in a country where I had freedoms under the Constitution that have survived for more than 200 years.

Today, and for the past five years, I see the country that I love moving closer and closer to socialism.

The American people are being herded like sheep by a president and his bunch who find it acceptable to lie to achieve their goal to fundamentally change America.

That goal is a socialist state with government control of all our daily activities and even our thoughts.

President Barack Obama is either the biggest liar or the most inept president we have ever had. He has created an environment where more and more citizens find welfare and getting free stuff an acceptable way of life and dependency on government the norm. With nearly half of Americans depending on free stuff, he was able to be re-elected by a dependent society.

The only shining star on the horizon is that ObamaCare is in a death spiral and the president’s lies are catching up with him. The lies that were designed to get him re-elected.

Dick Hensley

Tiki Island

Free health care for all

Looks like it has become a major political objective of the Republican Party and its far right political arm called the tea party to repeal the Affordable Care Act. I think a good compromise is to repeal all health care benefits in Congress for all statesman, including the White House.

Let’s take away their free health insurance and see what happens. And, by the way, the insurance they have is the premium, top-of-the-line grade coverage. No, Congress doesn’t have the $5,000 yearly deductible limited coverage stuff that costs $200 a month.

Now the argument is going to be is the cost for providing the politicians insurance just a token and insignificant amount of the total spent by Congress. That may very well be true, but it is the principle that if I can’t have affordable health insurance, than you don’t get free health insurance.

And have you noticed the buzz word? All the politicians have to listen to their “constituents” back home. I think they are listening to their insurance lobbyist “constituents” too much.

Jack Graham

Santa Fe

Texas City needs a dog park

I am saddened that the $300,000 skateboard park in Texas City has become known as “Meth Park” with 64 police calls in one month (“Meth Park,” The Daily News, Nov. 20). Some of that money could have been better used for the much needed Texas City Dog Park.

A couple of years ago, I collected more than 2,000 signatures of Texas City dog lovers appealing for a dog park in Texas City. Twice I went to the Texas City Parks and Recreation Department presenting the plan for the park. I also brought it to the mayor. Houston, having several dog parks, had promised to advise and help us with the project, but instead, rejection, rejection.

Count the number of soccer fields. As I have pointed out to the mayor and others, there are many more families in Texas City who have dogs than have soccer players.

Science is repeatedly telling us that a pet is “Your health’s best friend” (The Daily News, Sept. 3), but we have nowhere to bring them to enjoy training or playing unless we go to neighboring towns. 

In 2012, the mayor is reputed to have promised we’d have a dog park, possibly on land north of Mainland Crossing, by the end of 2012. It’s now the end of 2013 and nothing yet.

A dog park would be a great socializing and recreational venue for all ages, human and canine, in our beloved hometown.

Laurine Murtagh

Texas City