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Jarvis Buckley

You have strong views, but poor judgement.......in my opinion......!!!!

Norman Pappous

This is Jeri's third letter in 21 days. I guess at the Daily News some people are more equal than others.....

Matt Coulson

Cohesiveness and vision,yes,unity no. Jim is a big government, tax and spend guy. He does know how to effectively work the political process, and will get things done, unfortunately it will be one sided and VERY devisive. Anyone but Jim bumper stickers for sale now! We need to get the Cooke brothers to through a little of their cash into this race.[wink]

Ron Shelby

JDY has never been a "big government tax and spend kind of guy". As one of his former budget officers, I can tell you that at the beginning of budget season, his first instruction was how much he wanted to target as a cut from the tax rate, and that everything run very tight (lean). We always cut something every year, until Hurricane Ike turned all our finances on their head. As the county's population boomed with the growth in the northern end of the county, the demand for services (courts, law enforcement, infrastructure) ballooned. We still cut tax rate.

Doyle Beard

man you in lala land

Bill Quiroga

Mrs. Kinnear let’s look at you analysis.

1. Making millions is not distasteful but how was the millions made?
2. The justice center was 10’s of million dollars cost over runs. (Wasn’t Mr. Cohen glad to sell the property to the county for millions)?
3. What about the million givens to South Land Tile while Yarbrough was County Judge.
4. Two bankruptcies Citizen Bank (1989) and Eagle broad Band (2010).
5. This is not Negative campaigning, these are all facts for you are any other concern voter that can find on the Galveston County Auditor website (Registry July 2010), Galveston Daily News, Channel 13 archives, Channel 26 Archives or on You Tube.

The citizens Galveston needs to know what they are voting for, don’t you think?

Clearly again this is all about big money and special interests groups.

Comment deleted.
Matt Coulson

I thought there were rules about comments like this. Please prove it or take it back. I'm not a Mafridge supporter but no one deserves to be called names without proof.

George Croix

'Clear choice'...?
Must be similar to that 'transparency' we keep hearing about.
Looks like the expectation is for candidate(s) supporters to get to make accusations freely, but expect to have their claims go unchallenged.
Methinks there is a bit too much protesting, and precious little substantive, verifiable, info

Steve Fouga

In fairness to Ms Kinnear, the GDN decides on the titles of letters to the editor.

George Croix

Yes, I know.
Sometimes, the titles even match the article subject matter...[smile]
I was going for a two-fer.
Should have separated the text...just simply too lazy today to do so....[beam]

Jarvis Buckley

When it comes to their candidate Norman there is no restrictions and no boundaries . But you already know that.

Jarvis Buckley

Don't take that for granted Jake. In a lot of cases they do what the big money tells them to do.
How else could they boast about being the oldest newspaper in Texas.

Steve Fouga

I just wish I could find the ad that caused all the hub-bub.

Sunday's edition?

Ellen Morrison

Jake, look at yesterday's e-edition. On the front page there is a banner ad at the bottom that is about public housing. Go inside and look at page A-3 - there you will find a full-page ad that is Mafrige vs. Yarbrough.

Rumor has is that JY is preparing a counter-ad; I was almost expecting to see it in today's paper, or yesterday alongside Don's.

Miss Priss

Sunday and Wednesday ..... Those are the most expensive days to run ads and a full page too. I can assure you that Mafrige did not include anything positive about Yarbrough like the time he left the county with perfect credit rating after being voted out of office after 16 years. And oh yeah .... That was due to the redneck areas of Galveston county voting against all the democrat candidates. He actually received 85 percent of the vote in Galveston. Those are good enough numbers to let me know how this is going to turn out.

Jarvis Buckley

Saying things like he received 85 percent of the vote in Galveston sounds
A little far fetched. If its true the ball game is over. I for one give Galveston
"Taxpaying" voters more credit. We are not lambs. We have minds, no way
Big Jim gonna get anything close to that in this race.

Miss Priss

Jarvo - ask a precinct chair from either party and they can probably get the numbers for you that show how overwhelmingly well he did in Galveston for county judge even though he lost the overall vote in the county. You can even look it up on the county clerk election site and see the precincts in Galveston for Yarbrough results. What do you think he's looking at? Clearly you are not as political as you think you are or you would not refute those numbers because you don't know where to actually find them.

It's the truth that he creamed mark Henry in Galveston by those numbers mentioned. I know you don't care for him but you need to start facing a few realities. I'm not leading any mindless lambs anywhere, I'm just stating the facts.

Jarvis Buckley

Please accept my sincere apologies, if I was wrong. If he indeed received
85 percent of the vote in Galveston . That is incredible , then on top of that
He still lost. Wow!!!.

Ron Shelby

He did. The north end of the county has changed profile dramatically.

Miss Priss

But he didn't lose where he is currently running and that is all that matters at this time.

Steve Fouga

truthserum, you keep stating why Jim Yarbrough will win. But please tell me again why that will be good for Galveston. I believe it when you say he is the favorite, but for the life of me I can't get it through my thick skull why.

Please list a few reasons why Galveston will be better off 2 years from now if Jim Yarbrough is elected. And please don't list things he did as County Judge. Tell me what he WILL do for G-Town. Now I'll shut up and you can say your piece. Please. I'm looking for reasons to see JY's election as a good thing.

Miss Priss

Jake -

I think you are new to this area and probably don't know about county government today versus 5 years ago. There is a huge difference and not exactly for the better.

Do you know Yarbrough?

Let's try this perspective..... The negative ads that Mafrige put out without disclosing his own issues pretty much sum up that character. I'd pick Yarbrough any day over that one.

With Beeton, you will get honest government and with Yarbrough, you will get honest government plus action. I'd pick the latter any day over that too.

Special interests? You might cry this about Yarbrough but in reality every candidate will have their focus and the bottom line is that you have to follow the one that you can live with. I'm not trying to win you over on Yarbrough because clearly you already have a negative opinion of him.

Steve Fouga

I actually have a high opinion of the man himself and his ability to make things happen. I'm just wondering what he will do that I consider good -- because he ain't sayin'. He's listed trolleys, elimination of parking on south side of Seawall, and public housing. To me those aren't good. He'll be great at doing things I believe to be bad ideas.

Mrs Beeton has listed an emphasis on neighborhoods, lowering of property taxes, and beautification of our major transportation corridors. I consider those to be good ideas.

I didn't even know about the Mafrige ads until someone complained about them, and it piqued my curiosity. I don't pay much attention to attack ads.

I don't know any of the candidates personally; only what I've read in the GDN and the candidates' websites, listened to on George Lee's talk show, and observed at the forums. Ultimately you're right -- I'll vote for the one I prefer. One of the reasons I like Mrs Beeton so much is that she says exactly what she believes in and what her platform consists of. Mr Yarbrough is so coy about what he thinks is important that it seems impossible to drag it out of him. I don't mind elected officials having an agenda -- they SHOULD! But when it's hidden from view it makes me distrustful. I haven't heard one substantive idea from Mr Yarbrough. I have heard that he intends to manage the process better, and that's a good thing. Not exactly the mayor's job, but still good.

I can't help but notice you didn't list anything you think Mr Yarbrough will do that will make Galveston a better place. That's because he hasn't given you anything to say. "Polish the gem..." LOL!!

Raif Smith

Whoever wins the mayors seat will have one vote out of seven. Unless they get 3 others to vote with them, their promises are empty air.

Now who do you think can build consenses (sp). ? I'm torn between two candidates. Both I consider to be honest. The big question is who can deliver on moving Galveston forward?

Steve Fouga

"The big question is who can deliver on moving Galveston forward?"

In the right direction, raifm. IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!

Consensus is fine, as long as each member is thinking, and not just going along. 4-3 and 5-2 are fine, as long as it isn't the same blocs all the time.

Jim Yarbrough is saying, "Elect me and I'll lead you someplace, because I'm a good manager and I can build consensus." What I'm wondering is where he'll lead us. I'm pretty sure he'll get us there, I just don't know where it is, and that scares me.

George Croix

Ever hear of a guy with his head on a chopping block raving about the skillful reputation of the executioner?
That would certainly be broadminded, but somewhat of a self-defeating position, from the chopee's perspective...[wink]

Steve Fouga


Jarvis Buckley

Because I support EB it always starts out you don't like JY, that's just not the case,
I just would like to have someone for once in my lifetime that really really really is
The voice of the ordinary folk. In my life time that has never happened. This is our best shot . I hope we don't blow it. EB for Mayor.

Miss Priss

The mayor is one out of seven votes - true. Who do you think will be able to influence and has the most experience actually doing that?

Who has actually the most experience managing and making votes on taxpayer money.

Who actually has the connections across the state to get things done for Galveston?

People say Yarbrough builds consensus in his management system .....he always struck as bringing clarity to a situation in my opinion.

Ron Shelby

Good letter Jerri.

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