Jim Yarbrough has a solid background of community service, dedication and integrity. He also has a lot of common sense, which is in rather short supply among public servants these days.

Jim Yarbrough gets my vote for mayor.

Electing Elizabeth Beeton as mayor would be the worst of a series of misfortunes that have befallen this city. Shortly before Ike hit, some hotel owners were trying to build a new site at 61st Street and Broadway. The project was held up for months because Beeton and one of her taste police sidekicks insisted on seeing the “artist’s conception” of the hotel. A photograph of an identical unit just would not do. After months of delay and thousands of dollars of expense, the Candlewood Inn was finally opened in the nick of time to provide 300 or so much needed rooms after Ike.

If Galveston is concerned about its image, Don Mafrige would be a bigger misfortune than Beeton, if possible. Some years ago, Mafridge “distinguished” himself by uttering a childish, bigoted and homophobic slur against a respected community leader. Mafridge has the potential to be the most abrasive, abusive and ineffective mayor we’ve ever had — and that’s saying something.

Mark W. Stevens


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GW Cornelius

You said it all and said it correctly. Jim Yarbrough is the only clear choice. He will get things done once Beeton is out of the way and Mafrige goes back to his good ole boys.

Gary Miller

Are JY's "good ol boys" better than Mayfridge's "good ole boys"?
JY's good ole boys want you to vote for JY because he's promised them a share of the tax funded goodies.
Who has the most good ole boys expecting the most from tax funded goodies?

Jarvis Buckley

One sentence about JY, the balance running EB down. Just makes EB stronger. Maybe this election
Won't be as close as folks think.

Steve Fouga

This article cracked me up! Come on, guys! Platitudes about Jim Yarbrough aren't telling me a thing about his abilities as a mayor. I can't tell that he cares about this city at all. He comes across as a hired gun, and a pompous one at that.

Ever since his performance at the GDN forum, I think of him as a purveyor of silly visions and, even worse, the pro-public-housing candidate! I know it's not popular to say so, but public housing is still an important issue for the Island. Jim Yarbrough will absolutely roll over and let it happen. He as much as said it.

Those denigrating Elizabeth Beeton are simply pointing out why she's the right choice: She has a strong background and strong opinions and recent experience dealing with the very issues facing Galveston.

Remember that each of the issues you point to has citizens/voters with the opposite viewpoint from you -- maybe more of them!

For every short-term rental owner, there are a hundred neighbors sick of nearby properties being used as party houses. For every hotelier and his hired-gun architect, there are a thousand citizens who don't want a new high-rise in their front yard. For every developer watching the TIRZ 11 closure battle, there are ten thousand taxpayers wishing for a 2-cent tax reduction. And I bet the vast majority of Galvestonians would STILL vote against a pro-public housing candidate.

No, Elizabeth Beeton is the candidate who would do a good job for Galveston. Her heart is in it, she's one of us, and she knows what needs to be done. It's just not what YOU think needs to be done, and to me that's comforting.

Ellen Morrison

Jake, I really wish I knew you.

I also wish you would submit these comments as a letter to the editor - in rebuttal to the letter you are commenting on. Your comments are usually very good, but this one is spot-on and I think the reading (and hopefully voting) public should see it.

Thanks for your support!

Jarvis Buckley

No doubt in my mind Jake would make a great council member.. Though I have never meant him he emulates what the majority of the island residents think .
Both east and west. Hopefully one day , he will throw his hat in the ring. It would be a
Good day for the Island.

Steve Fouga

Thanks for your kind words, Jarvo. It would have to be after Terrilyn Tarlton serves out her terms. I could never beat her, and wouldn't want to. She's doing a great job.

As I've said before, I can't see running against a Council member who's doing a good job. These are volunteer positions, and should be filled by people who wish to do something for others, not those seeking notoriety for themselves. With that as my guidepost, I wouldn't run unless I were dissatisfied with the incumbent. There are plenty of other volunteer opportunities. Again, thanks, Jarvo.

George Croix

Need more of that to be more common in more places.
These days, it's usually on the shelf by the ambergris, right above the unicorn horn sharpeners...[beam][beam]

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