I have been a precinct chair in the Galveston County Republican Party for 20 years.

Along with many other longtime activists, I have fought to elect good, conservative Republicans since before we had elected even one countywide Republican.

Now that Republicans are in the majority, there are Democrats and liberals running as Republicans and political action committees that claim to be conservative but, in fact, are not.

Don’t be fooled by candidates who run as Republicans but are supported by entrenched Democrats. Don’t be fooled by mailers from so-called conservative political action committees that won’t identify their members, because they are not conservatives.

The current Republican officials have done what we’ve asked of them: reduce the size of government, reduce our tax burden and make government more efficient and more responsive to the people.

Don’t be fooled by impostors. Please vote for:

David Bradley — State Board of Education;

Wayne Faircloth — State representative, District 23;

Patricia Grady — 212th District Court;

Jack Roady — District attorney;

Mark Henry — Galveston County judge;

Barbara Roberts — County Court at Law No. 2;

County commissioner, Precinct 2 — Kevin O’Brien, Beau Rawlins or Janet Hoffman; and

Barbara Meeks — Republican Party chair.

Sandra Jones Tetley

Chair, Precinct 276


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GW Cornelius

A vote for any GOP is a disaster waiting to happen.

Lars Faltskog

LOL, Island Runner. As they say, "Old habits die hard." As of 2014, there's the last vestige of the WWII and babyboomer crowd who are clinging to the old ways.

I predict that by 2020, the GOP will meet its official demise.

Leon Lion

I don't know for sure from what you pull your predictions out of sverige1 although I have a good idea, but most don't put to much faith in your predictions, with the exception of maybe Island Runner maybe.

Are you not the same one that's predicting that 'Windy' is going to be the next governor.[wink]

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