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GW Cornelius

Those of us that live in Pappous district do not feel the same. Time for new leadership in district 4.

Steve Fouga

Actually I think most of Mr Pappous's constituents feel exactly the same as Mr Ciaccio. You are an outlier, Island Runner.

George Croix

Your description is partially correct...[wink]

Leonce Thierry

At the Galveston Alliance of Island Neighborhood's candidate forum held at The Grand, Council member Pappous stated that Elizabeth Beeton should be wrapped in cellophane tape and Terilyn Tarlton should have her microphone cut off as a means of having a more productive Galveston city council. Those are some really harsh words for anyone to say in a public forum, especially an elected city official.

Norman Pappous

Wow! Henry I can't tell you how disappointed I am in your comment. Not only out of context but so unbelievable. I believe both Elizabeth and Terrilyn would say the same if you bother to ask.

The question at GAIN was something like this:

"How could City Council have been less dysfunctional?"

My answer was that if the council members who had opposing views been silenced, you would have had less rancor on City Council. That was a key characteristic of this council - get four votes and silence the opposition. The heck with the fact they were elected by their constituents to represent them.

Certain members and the mayor gaveled down opposition every chance they had. I fought for everyone to have their say.

I fought for everyone to be able to contribute as they saw fit. The video will prove that.

Leonce Thierry

Dear Council Member Pappous - I heard exactly what you stated with reference to both Council Members Beeton and Tarlton. I did not take your words out of context. If you can recall the question, surely you can recall what you stated. Perhaps you may thought you words were joking in nature, but I personally did not see that type of tone as necessary. If indeed, you were being light-hearted, then my apologies. But clearly, you made reference to wrapping EB in cellophane tape and cutting the microphone from TT.

Norman Pappous

Dear Hank,

I believe that if you review the tape, listen to the context, and take into account my often sarcastic tone... you will hear that the question called for ways for Council to function better. All my term I fought to have Council members peak without being gaveled down by "points of order". I fought for all council members to have the ability to speak their mind and present their case.

I would ask that if you believe differently, ask the councilwomen you reference - Tarleton and Beeton.


Norman Pappous

btw - My wife often scolds me for my sarcastic tone... Once again she is proved correct....

Leonce Thierry

That particular sound bite stuck with me. And, again, perhaps it was intended as sarcasm. I don’t know you well enough to tell what is sarcasm versus what isn’t. But in the spirit of fairness to your participation in the GAIN forum, I have a high degree of appreciation for the manner in which you explained the difference between economic development versus economic growth. That was perhaps the most substantive answer of the entire evening.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Must agree with Jake, I think Island Runner need not speak for "Those of us that live in Pappous district ...".

I do, and she does not speak for me. But then ,that is nearly always the case.

Bill Broussard

Hank: I was there too and heard nothing like you just mentioned. Sitting on the tenth row, left orchestra next to the aisle so I was pretty close to the front. I did hear what Norman said and his representation is accurate.

As for you Island Runner,were you there you would have sat toward the front right orchestra not too far from Mr. Kempner and Mayor Rosen who were sharing a bag of popcorn during the event. The proximity says alot.

Steve Fouga

Hank, my wife and I were at the GAIN forum also (saw you there, nearly introduced myself). My wife had precisely your reaction! And in fact, when Norm said what he said, I had to replay it in my mind to make sure I had the context right, because I KNEW he meant no slight to Mrs Beeton and Ms Tarlton based on his behavior for the past two years. Once I replayed it I understood his meaning immediately, and I was able to chuckle to myself.

Norm's wording was awful, fraught with the potential for misunderstanding, and I was concerned at the time that many in the audience would miss his irony.

Leonce Thierry

I didn’t mean to break news in this thread. Everyone I spoke to had strong/mixed feelings on his comments. And it was certainly discussed. I will take it as sarcasm, although I initially didn’t. I appreciate the fact that Mr. Pappous will engage people in these online forums. That is a highly effective way to communicate and clear the air on any misconception.

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