Patricia Grady, the incoming judge for the 212th District Court, will work as a consultant for the county for the next several months to analyze “existing operating processes and policies” in the county’s criminal justice system and to recommend ways to cut costs and improve efficiency. She will receive $2,100 a week.

In October 2013, the Galveston County Commissioners Court hired professional consulting firm Griffin, Moseley, Johnson & Associates to assess the county criminal justice system and make recommendations for improvements.

A team of five professionals with criminal justice experience totaling 125 years completed a comprehensive 50-page report that cost county taxpayers $70,000.

Now the commissioners court has hired judicial candidate Patricia Grady at $2,100 per week to conduct another study on the same subject.

The commissioners court alleges Ms. Grady gained the necessary expertise while campaigning for judicial office. The truth is Ms. Grady has very little criminal justice experience as an attorney and no actual judicial experience at all.

Everyone who has held elected office knows there is a big difference between the experience one gets as a candidate and on-on-the-job experience.

Is the commissioners court fabricating the need for this study to help a favored candidate repay campaign debts with county tax dollars?

Is hiring Ms. Grady to study the criminal justice system a conflict of interest? After all, Ms. Grady’s husband is a sitting county court at law judge and County Judge Mark Henry allegedly conducts judicial duties 40 percent of the time. Can she assess her husband and the person who hired her?

Taxpayers deserve answers to all of these questions and probably more.

Jeanie Bond lives in Bacliff.


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Richard Worth

Sadly, what we need in Galveston County is an alternate news source that isn't terrified of Ken Clark and his Commissioner's Court.

Walter Manuel

According to the Texas Ethics Commissions website, I can't find a single campaign report for Mrs. Grady that indicates that she in fact has any "campaign debt" as others are suggesting?

Perhaps this "campaign debt" issue is nothing more than the usual political hyperbole and a personal attack from all of the haters who didn't supporter her?

I've always been told that the proof is in the pudding, so Mrs. Bond please accomodate us with "facts" rather than leaving everyone with suspicion as to the real purpose of your attack against Mrs. Grady. [wink]

Walter Manuel

Here's Mrs. Grady's last campaign report filed with the Texas Ethics Commission:

"Totals From Report For Patricia V. Grady
Filed on: July 15 2014
Covering the Period May 20, 2014 Through June 30, 2014
This is a corrected report

Total Unitemized Contributions: $ 38.94

Total Political Contributions: $ 18,763.94

Total Unitemized Expenditures: $ 0.00

Total Expenditures: $ 68,586.21

Total Unitemized Pledges (Schedule B1 or B2) $ 0.00

Total Contributions Maintained As Of The Last Day Of The Reporting Period $ 4,062.67

Total Principal Amount Of All Outstanding Loans As Of The Last Day of the Reporting Period $ 0.00

Total Unitemized Loans: $ 0.00

Explanation of Correction: I failed to include a payment to Neumann and Company and a credit card fee. The report is now corrected and complete".

Mrs. Bond, now the ball is in your court to prove me wrong [smile]

Brenda Bock

According to the figures, almost $50,000 more was spent than collected via contributions. Since no loan debts reported, guessing this money came out of her own pocket.

Robert Young

Missionary man,, Ethics, principle and common sense should be considered before any party loyalty. Your response to Mrs Bond is similar to when folks disagree with the president they are immediately called racial. Come on,, Are you serious?,,,You gonna try an defend her and the County Judge? You don't see a conflict with the lady examining her boss and husbands judicial duties? I'll agree, she has a nice smile, but every pickpocket I met had one too! She has one more hurdle in November and the fact is with this behavior she deserves to draw a write in candidate in the general election.

Republican voters in this county are getting tired of being made a fool of.

This consulting contract is like hiring Brenda Trochesset to grade her Husbands Sheriff office operations,, What is the difference?..Of course the Trochessets would never do that as they are to ethical for that...but it would be the same thing.

All she knows right now is just what her Judge hubby told her..oh wait.. The hubby may help her with the study..ok good! He does have the experiance..

Oh, but wait ..It is a violation of government law for Judge Henry to give a current county Judge a consulting hire his wife... Ok little curve ball. The voters won't know. The grady's do want that new boat they were saving for but the campaign used up that savings..

Oh but wait..

When you consider the ethics commission alter ego ethics clause, Judge Grady as her husband is enriched by the consultanting contract...might be a problem here..

OK but wait again

That new county attorney must have reviewed this and gave it the OK.. Why?..Only one explaination here.

It appears the county attorney, commissioner Denard the Gradys all attended the very same law school as it is also clearly evident they all were allowed to sleep thru the ethics classes. It's a small world isn't it? What are the odds of that?

Oh, but wait.. There is more!.. (Just like the ginsu knifes commercial).

The new county attorney is commissioner Denards old law partner up in Houston who the County Judge just hired (First the Judge had to remove the long time county attorney we had).

Oh wait, theres more AGAIN, The county judge just fired Mrs Bonnie Q because she stood up to the him... and women do not dare question that guy..

We do have a republican district attorney..Will he look into this? We will see...

Miss Priss

This is gossip of course but where there is smoke, there is fire - right?

Apparently the courthouse is completely out of control. It was maintained for several years because there were judges who had experience and ethical standards to better manage their courts. Over the last 4 years, those standards have begun to topple making personnel jobs very difficult. Many people blame the lack of focus such as the dyfunctionality of spouses running for office, other republican party political strife as a source of this lack of focus by these judges. There are certainly rumors widespread about a few of these judges losing their cool when in regular public encounters with everyday Joe.

This county judge does not care about that as demonstrated by placing a consultant into a high pressure situation that she has no experience in handling instead Of immediately bringing someone to take the job permanently and one that no one would call into question. I honestly can't believe Pat Grady would consider the temp job for these very reasons. With the departure of Quiroga, some of the internal issues will be brought to light ironically not of her doing but other connections.

I've heard that a few elected officials are considering suing the county due to how difficult this commissioners court is to work with on several issues. Someone very wise told me tat it would take 2-4 years to see how these folks flatten a once well ran county government. I hope it does not happen but it's looking treacherous right now. Lawsuits cast a very negative light on any entity and costs the taxpayers money.

This county judge has no shame and it will become very evident when you see what they are going to do to Bill Young in dirty politics at its best.

Robert Young

The way I see it Henry should not be worried about an independent, Young improves his chances if being elected if he goes from being a gentleman and sticking to the issues to exposing Henry's dirt..From what I hear, It ain't even something you would want anyone speaking about.. Attacking Young would be like someone asking to get hit with a pipe. I think the last thing Henry wants to do is trade dirt with the man. Henry should really stick to the office's issues..But it would be fun to watch em duke it out..

Walter Manuel

Justaman, come on now. Do you really think that Patricia Grady would intentionally steer clear of the very things and people that you mentioned in your post risking losing her credibility as a new judge come January? I would hardly doubt that $2,100 a week would be worth losing the trust of the very people who voted her into office.

I would expect that even before she accepted the consultant job, she probably considered all of the grief and gossip that she would receive from some people and for this reason it would seem that her code of ethics will stretch above and beyond the call of duty in order to prove everyone wrong.

That's just my take on the situation..... [wink]

Robert Young

Missionary man your response is well taken..She could shine by proving the first report wrong..but in the end we are spending 100k of the taxpayers money..for contradicting reports. WHILE STILL not fixing anything..

Walter Manuel

I understand what your saying as well Justaman. We can only hope that this money will be well spent and the report will ultimately save county tax dollars over the long haul.

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