The trial of a man accused of keeping his son locked in an 8-foot-by-6-foot particleboard box at a Galveston home ended in a mistrial.District Judge Lonnie Cox granted the defense’s motion for a mistrial after Judge Michelle Slaughter was recused from the case for posting about the trial on a public Facebook page.


How in the world could an elected judge be so callous, arrogant and addicted to social media to post about a trial she is supposed to be conducting in an impartial manner?

On April 30, The Daily News printed in-depth news covering this trial on the front page (“Prosecutors: Dad kept 9-year-old boy in 8-by-6 box”). This judge seemed to think The Daily News was not enough and posted her own coverage on social media.

This is so offensive for the small boy involved who deserves justice, not to mention the cost of having to restart the trial. This judge has even continued her postings on social media. A judge has the right to post on Facebook whatever personal information they want to share, but not what is going on in a courtroom during a public trial.

Judge Michelle Slaughter should be immediately impeached and never allowed to hold a judicial office again.



John Douglas Sr. lives in League City

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Gary Scoggin

Let's remember this at election time. Another embarrassing judge. Not as bad as DuPuy but embarrassing nonetheless.

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