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In Galveston, 19 candidates have filed for seven seats on the City Council. The election is May 10. Readers write in support for their favorite candidates. ABOVE: City Council candidates participate in a public forum hosted by The Galveston County Daily News on March 19 at Ball High School.

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In Galveston, 19 candidates have filed for seven seats on the City Council. The election is May 10.

I live in District 4 and we have been well represented by Norman Pappous for the past two years.

Pappous has spoken clearly and convincingly on the issues that affect our quality of life. He has responded to every constituent phone call or email and kept the promises he made.

I remember when city council once listened to a woman who needed to get her home rebuilt. As the rest of the council sat and debated, Pappous got up from his seat and walked her to an office to get her the help she needed on the spot. It was refreshing to see a council member cut through the clutter of our municipal government and take action.

Some candidates who have never been involved addressing our city’s problem talk about council dysfunction and the idea of a consensus. I don’t disagree with that sentiment, but District 4 already has a council person who is part of the solution and not part of the problem. Please re-elect Norman Pappous.

William Pennington


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GW Cornelius

Must be two Norms. I have seen nothing done in the district 4 where I live. Hoover is a much better choice.

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