Justice of The Peace Jim Schweitzer, a candidate in the GOP primary, made a presentation to the Galveston school board in 2010 in which he quoted some of the language of unruly students. He was making the point that increased security was needed and was protesting plans to cut the budget of the school district’s police force.

Jason O’Brien may be a Republican but that does not allow him to pimp out the Republican brand or engage in untrue attack ads in the finest tradition of Jason Murray and Chris Dupuy.

O’Brien’s latest mailer references a Galveston Independent School District board of trustee’s meeting.

We served on the school board at the time Mr. O’Brien references in his latest mailer. It saddens us to see a Republican campaign on untrue attacks rather than on qualifications and vision.

Mr. O’Brien damages the Republican brand in order to achieve individual glory. That is not the act of someone qualified for a leadership role.

My fellow Republicans, please do not elect another unqualified Republican to a position of responsibility. The Republican brand was tarnished by the elections of Dupuy and Murray.

Let’s learn from our mistakes. Vote for a man of character. Vote for Jim Schweitzer.

Norman Pappous and Beau Rawlins live in Galveston.

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Pete Nanos

Right. Elect an in competent lawyer/democrat instead. Schwietzer is unprincipled at best and incompetent by his own admition that he "can't make a living as an attorney". The Rinos will push him because they too are lacking in principle. Stop voting for people who switch parties because the prevailing winds dictate a change is in the air.

Norman Pappous

No doubt you also voted for Dupuy and Murray. How did that work out for us?

Pete Nanos

Just wondering...did you vote for Obam...

Norman Pappous

You can check my Republican credentials anytime. I first worked for George HW Bush in 1979 during his primary contest against Reagan. I was involved in Reagan's election and re-election. My roommates in Virginia worked for Senator Warner of VA. Have voted in every Republican primary since I moved to Texas. Past President of the Pachyderm Club.

Voted for a democrat once in my life because i knew the Republican candidate well and knew he was a nut-job.

I know Jim Schweitzer well and am very comfortable with his political views.

So - did you vote for Dupuy or Murray? Wish you could have that vote back? Betcha do...

Norman Pappous

btw - hanging in our kitchen - poster of Ronald Regan when he ran in the 1976 primary against Ford... living room - picture of W holding our oldest when he was born 17 years ago...

Norman Pappous

Jim Schweitzer has been endorsed by multiple police associations.

I think they knew what they were doing as they work with him daily.

Mick Phalen

response to Question's "Stop voting for people who switch parties because the prevailing winds dictate a change is in the air."

For a second, I thought you were referring to "I was a Democrat before I was a Republican before I was a GC Tea Partier" Alison Cox.

Carol Dean

Mr. Phalen, it is refreshing to know that honest people can "see the light" and make changes in their lives in regards to their political choices. Then there are people like you.

It is also nice to know that we have the opportunity to replace incompetents with our right to vote!

Heidi Theiss is a wonderful example of "throwing out the trash" on the League City Council. How's that last election working for you?

Mick Phalen

Hi Carol, I'm alive and doing fine. Thanks for asking.

I honestly do miss some things about being on City Council: the interaction with an incredibly dedicated City staff, the professionals in and out of government, citizens who are serious about good government.

I do not miss the professional politicians, the narrow-minded special interest groups who think they should be treat differently, the liars, hypocrites, the haters who have nothing positive to add. Say hi to your friends.

Regarding He!d!: She should spend more time on City government, and considerably less on selling herself (maybe she can call Buzbee).

Have a great day!

Carol Dean

I think I detect a bit of jealousy, Mick, in regards to Heidi. Probably because you know that she has been and will continue to be one of most honorable conservative patriots! Totally unlike yourself, she has only further heights and achievements in her future. Plus, she might just help save this nation rather then screw things up like you did as a public official.

Weren't you the one who did NOT want League City to have a Veteran's Day celebration a few years ago? Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Carol Dean

Jason O'Brien is nothing more then a "Wannabe"! Nothing more, nothing less. Has anyone asked where he has been getting his money from to send out his "dribble"? It is certainly not from his own pocket as he said that his main job has been to care for his ailing mother. Kevin O'Brien should have stepped down from his position to care for his wife. Who is going to look after "mom" if both of these individuals are elected?

I am not making light of Mrs. Obrien's health. I also understand that there is a case sitting on Jack Roady's desk in relationship to a burglary attack on Mrs. O'Brien that even Kevin reminds Jack about from time to time.

This is all a very sad state of affairs. I will be voting for Jim Schweitzer!

GW Cornelius

O'Brien is an idiot vote for Jim

Pete Nanos

great endorsement runner.

Pete Nanos

Schweitzer has hidden his campaighn contributions. Wonder why? He already serves as a judge, as a JP,and keeps his practice open. Now that we have cut back from 9 JPs to 4 how well do you expect he'll handle the added case load. I know. Wholesale dismissals. Is that fair to those who wish to be heard? Get rid of this freeloader.
For those with a short memory, Schweitzer was the JP who went before the school board and threatened to quit accepting cases if the board did not vote his way on a budgetary issue. He is a nice guy and gets around, but you wouldn't want to buy a used car from the guy. Remember, Obama is a nice guy too.

Norman Pappous

Shirt memory? Seems as if you have no memory. I was there. I was one of the officials he was speaking to. When you have no qualifications I guess you have to lie to get elected.

Pete Nanos

Easy enough to verify. Ask Carol about the incident. It was video taped, the new superintendent hadn't officially taken his position yet, but sat in on the meeting. You were not on the board at that time. Making a mistake is understandable, it's what you do after you find you have made one that indicates whether or not you are an honest man. I'll be watching for your response. (The incident was regarding cutting some GISD police enforcement out of the budget.)

Norman Pappous

I was sitting next to Carol. Try again.

btw - Carol is a big fan of Jim Schweitzer's. Just ask her.

Like i said - when you have no qualifications Lying is your best strategy.

Pete Nanos

I guess I now know how far you will go in your campaighn. He appologized to Carol after the incident. Whether or not Carol is a fan does not change the fact that it took place. I have supported you in the past, but you can rest assured I will not in the future. What other things have you lied about....gotta wonder.

Norman Pappous

I spoke to Carol about it Wednesday evening at my re-election campaign launch. What took place and what was in the ad are at adds and you will not get A SINGLE GISD board member to agree with your version.

As for your support - I stand with my head held high as my constituents have seen first-hand that my word is good as gold.

Norman Pappous

btw - I know how far you will go in your campaign as well..... trying to tell the forum I was not at a meeting that is on videotape.

Who's word do you think they believe now?

Pete Nanos

I'm not referring to the "add". I'm referring to a completely separate issue. I have not even read the add. The issue I'm referring to took place way before the foul language issue and is completely separate. Jim Schweitzer went before the school board when Nichols was attending for the first time. Carol took exception with his demeanor and let him know that she did not appreciate him coming in to try and tell the board how to run their business. Your word may be as good as fools gold if you don't do better research than you did in this case. It was regarding doing away with some GISD police. Jim said ,and I'm parapharsing here, that he would not hear anymore GISD cases if they removed campus police from the budget. Carol then let him know she was upset about his rant. Go back and read again.

Norman Pappous

This forum is on my letter which references an advertisement. You stated I was not there - I was. It is you that needs to watch the video. I need no research as I ma a primary source. btw - notice how no school board members have come to your aid? Notice how two of them denounced the allegations publicly and NONE endorsed them?

Jim did lobby to not cut the police. Is that a bad thing?

Keep swinging. Eventually you may hit something.

Pete Nanos

So you admit he did exactly what I said he did. It wasn't that he lobbied, he threatened to stop hearing cases in order to try to blackmail the board. to stop looking at that particular part of an overall budget. Was it a good or bad thing? It was an abuse of power by an elected official You read what you wanted to read and commented on something that was not in question. The fact that you may or may not have been present really had no bearing in as much as I did not remember if you were on the board at that time ot not. The fact That Carol was the only one to defend the board, speaks volumes about the rest of the board. I was willing to conceed that you may not have been there. Your post was about way more than just an ad. It was an endorsement of an incompetent who would stoop to bullying to get his way. He has hidden his contributers, ran as a democrat in his last election, and is juggling three jobs for which he is way over compensated. You see nothing wrong with any of that? Shame on you......................

Norman Pappous

Knowing the full story, which you obviously do not, I am fully aware that what Jim Schweitzer was doing was above board and needed someone to say it. He could have stayed silent. He chose not to for the good of the district.

Again - go find a GISD Trustee that will not be voting for Jim Schweitzer. Bet you can't.

Pete Nanos

I don't know about the politics of the board members or how they will vote. What I do know is you endosed someone and denied the facts regarding his past history. You have decided that the facts don't really matter, because no matter what you are going to endorse this candidate in the primaries. You take some pride in the fact that members of the school board are voting for him also. But as you alluded to earlier regarding electing bad judges, if you had done your homework maybe they would not have been elected. He's a long time democrat and has hidden his contributions to hide the fact that he's recieving contributions from democrats. Vote your concience..........I'll be voting mine......................good luck in your upcoming campaign.............................

Norman Pappous

The morning after the election and two words come to mind :


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