Daily News readers sound off about the May election.

After reading all the fliers from the mayoral candidates, I intend to vote for Elizabeth Beeton and here is why:

She always comes to City Council meetings completely prepared and ready to approve or disapprove agenda items.

Beeton wants to close Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone 11 and give a refund on the taxes to the residents on their property taxes. We still have the East End Flats, which some day will become a crown jewel for the right developer willing to pay for the privilege.

She consistently won three terms by wide margins, an indication of how her constituents appreciate her efforts.

She was here the day after Hurricane Ike, helping coordinate efforts and locate available assistance for her constituents and throughout the island. She was instrumental in helping us take back our neighborhood — known as the triangle — by clearing prostitutes and identifying, closing and tearing down crack houses.

She has done more for the residents of Galveston than any other council person in my years of living here. Beeton is as pro-business as any other candidate, but she believes the developers should be willing to foot the bills, as is the case in other cities for any planned developments, without the establishment of a new TIRZ or help from the taxpayers.

Unlike others who run for office, Beeton has no other agenda; she is not a politician. Her only concern is the betterment of Galveston.

Judith Crane


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Robert Young

JY was there after Ike for the whole county and was reelected 4 times, built the largest
county project with the city of Galveston in Galveston. Seeing that accomplished in this county I'm convinced he could heard cats to get things done. Beeton does not present herself with the aurora of a leader as JY does. Beeton (and Mafrige"s) problem is that She filed to keep JY off the ballot knowing he was always here and that is just dirty pool playing. She and Mafridge proved they were not willing to give you citizens a chance to vote up or down on JY. You think she will give you a voice on other city issues... not really!

Jarvis Buckley

It is so sad to see ignorant people , criticize a candidate instead of supporting their
Candidate. Galveston is such a good little Island. Big Jim must be really proud of you justaworm.

Steve Fouga

Personally, I'm surprised at how much support Mr Yarbrough has, but that's probably because I come from off the Island. I was born in Austin, grew up in Houston, and lived most of my life in Fort Worth. Galveston seems like a planet away from those successful and overachieving cities. (Admittedly I'm here because I LOVE Galveston -- I could have retired in any of those towns, and chose G-Town on purpose...)

I basically don't know anyone on the Island, and yet I was able to see through Mr Yarbrough's candidacy in a heartbeat -- believe me, it's that easy! I didn't need anyone on this forum to tell me, but several have confirmed that yes, the emperor has no clothes! He's running because he's been recruited, along with a selected set of council candidates.

So if he is elected, and his slate of hand-picked Council members are elected, then sure enough we'll see consensus -- apparently the Holy Grail of Galveston city government. Hahahahahaha! Come on, guys! (And gals) Don't you see that's the same thing we just had, but with a different set of characters? A consistent consensus has has exactly the same effect as a consistent 4-3 voting bloc. In both cases it just shows that folks on Council aren't THINKING. And often aren't representing the best interests of their constituencies...

Oh well, I hope they know what they're doing!

Leonce Thierry

Mr. Buckner - Among the many folks who post in the GDN forums, I have come to appreciate reading your well-written opinions. You use your first and last name and add a degree of depth to your consideration. Kudos to you! Your written word is unfiltered, honest, and real. Keep it up!

Bill Broussard

Jake: I enjoy reading your sober comments on the blog and envy your restraint. Its a breath of fresh air.

There has been much talk about the influence of the Senior Families on the blog's. Growing up here, we were taught to honor their contributions and to respect what the Moody's, the Kempner's and the others brought to the Island and left in our hands to maintain and keep. The Seawall is the most visible example but there are many others:the Port, the Library, The First African American School in Texas.....all the result of the founding families.

Of course, with the respect comes an unusual ability to influence combined with the resources to have their opinion stick. Sometimes it seems like a reasonable track record, hard work and preparation, and constituent representation do not matter as much as the well honed opinions and somewhat collective vision of the first families.

Pappous and Beeton are fallen angles, making the mistake of working hard but obviously at some counter purposes to the founders of the Island. I think the line was crossed on matters like public housing, TIRZ and casting doubt upon the business conduct of the circle of friends close to those families. I like both of them as candidates but if the voters allow them to remain active, it will not be easy for them.

Respecting the families who brung us runs deep in our BOI bones. The irony is that, had they not encouraged density and wealth as a primary tool for economic development starting twenty years ago, I doubt there would be a Beeton or Pappous here to challenge them. They invited brains and wealth here to develop Galveston and that brought the Beeton's and the Pappous' and the Earthman's........ Had they found another way other than high end residents, Public housing would have sailed right through without a whisper and economic development would have remained whatever the family's tactic's de Jour was.

I do not find it difficult to honor and respect their contributions. Moody especially remains generous to the Island and has always moved to create jobs. I do wonder just how much we might have to see them suffer with the inevitable shift in power yet to come.

I will say this: if a Moody or a Kempner asked me to do something, I would not hesitate if I thought I could help....old habits die hard with me. I stop short, however at voting for any of their candidates except Sunseri if I could. District six is a decency race and not an issue race.

What troubles me about the current election is the frustrated and vindictive tone toward incumbents who have worked hard but have stepped over the founder line. If there is correction needed, I think the voters can sort that out at election time.

But phrases like (re: Beeton and Pappous by Islandrunner) "Either choice is a mistake for Galveston. Both are a disaster." convey a vindictiveness as in "settling the score" that troubles me. Same for justaman. Longer term, its just as destructive as any of the racial broadsides we saw during the first year after the storm.

Jarvis Buckley

The city has never had a cost over run the county had on the justice center. Get ready for
Higher taxes and big money contracts with big money cost over runs. Budgets will mean nada.

Robert Young

Jarvo, your a fine example of a insignificant island misfit. Fact is someone disagrees with you then you call them ignorant.
I'm not one of your kind ..fact is, the truth got you hot didn't it?. Since you like to write letters to the editor, a gay penitentury pen pal is something that may spark your writing interest now that this race is almost over. Hay is in the barn..Jarvo boy.

Steve Fouga


Ellen Morrison

Yeah, Jake. How do you answer something like that??? Totally bizarre. That posting by justaman goes in the history annals as my favorite whack-job forum posting of all time!

I guess it's time to skip the civilized discourse and start throwing random insults out there. JY and his team must not be happy with the way polling trends are going....

George Croix

C'mon, now - fess up - don't leave that man hanging out there like that...[wink][smile][beam]

George Croix

Even if another crumb of my tiny optimism pie must be cast upon the floor to be swept away, I'm not going to do it...
Think about John Wayne...

George Croix

Well, ... oh, well...

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