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Who does Baron think he's fooling? - The Galveston County Daily News: Letters To Editor

September 25, 2016

Who does Baron think he's fooling?

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Posted: Thursday, September 22, 2016 12:00 am

It is beyond amusing to see leftists, including slip-and-fall lawyer Neil Baron, proclaim the sanctity of court decisions in the era of Obama who has shown absolute distain for same ("Despite court losses, Texas continues voting shenanigans," The Daily News, Sept. 12). Especially since the president has packed the courts with activist judges who base their judicial conclusions on the Democrat party agenda. 

His claim that voter fraud is rare is another Democrat lie: Pew reports that in 2012, 2.8 million individuals were registered to vote in more than one state; that 1.8 million registered voters were deceased; and that 1/8th of registrations were not accurate, were outdated or were duplicated. In Ohio, Obama won 100 percent of votes in 21 Cleveland districts and 59 in Philadelphia. Wood County, Ohio, had 98,213 residents of voting age, yet there were 106,258 registered (ditto in 10 Colorado counties). 

The Department of Justice couldn’t find one voter who was disenfranchised by the Texas Voter ID law. Obama’s Fourth Circuit even patronizingly observed that black voters are “less sophisticated” in spite of the fact black North Carolinians, after the passage of a similar law, voted at higher rates than whites. 

Recall that Democrat-sponsored ACORN was caught submitting hundreds of thousands of fake voter registrations across the country.

Ed Hooven