Once more, the Dickinson Independent School District requests a large budget to build new schools.

Our decision should consider the free hand the district again will have to be extravagant as with the large luxurious administration building and nonessential architectural beauty accents of school buildings. Those do not add functional value and are in stark contrast to many of Dickinson’s dwellings.

We cannot escape the burden of bond repayment falling quite disproportionally on those who have placed their labor’s fruits into their homes.

Yes, education is the responsibility of all, but its cost should be shared by all, and more evenly than based on our homes’ value. We do not have much power over that and neither over the operating cost tax rate — by the way, the highest possible.

But, when asked to go the extra mile, we all need to know details of why new facilities are needed and how opulent or austere the facilities will be constructed — not just some unnamed group of 50.

Gerhard Meinecke



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Katrina Evenhouse

I agree with Gerhard people need to vote NO on this bond. Our Cites are out of control with their extravagant buildings on our dime. So much wasted space. With over $200 million in bonds so far I think they should spend their money more wisely.

Richard Worth

Until the school board learns the meaning of the word "functional", I will continue to vote NO. This "keeping up with the Joneses" mentality has to end. We are not CCISD, and never will be.

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