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Charles Olsen

Well said. Wayne has always gone above and beyond when it comes to the community he serves. He volunteers during his time off to help make all of Galveston's special events safer for everyone. If you want an example of this, look for him in Galveston's 4th of July celebration tonight.


This is the kind of officer I would want in my neighborhood or on my city's police force! This is the kind of officer who is in this type profession to make a difference first and worry about the benefits afterwards. He is a seed sower for prosperity and for better lives for his constituents and those he serves.
Sad to say, not every officer of the law, I have met or worked with, is just like officer Brown. Officer Brown I don't know you, but you are the kind of officer I tried hard to be like for years! Don't ever quit being the kind of public servant you are showing yourself to be now. Your dedication to duty and service will reward you not only on this side of eternity, but later when you are asked by the LORD HIMSELF:
"WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE TIME, TALENTS, AND TREASURES I GAVE YOU WHILE YOU LIVED ON THE EARTH?" Many will have to stumble, stutter, make excuses, or attempt to lie, BUT you won't have to! Well done my brother in blue!

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