Lemonade Day

Lemonade Girls Alex Vasut and Maggie Farmer work in their lemonade stand.


Lemonade Day Galveston, an effort by the Galveston Chamber of Commerce to help students learn entrepreneurial skills, will be May 4. Information is available at www.Galveston.LemonadeDay.org.

My name is Alex Vasut and I’m 10 years old and attend Trinity Episcopal School. For Lemonade Day two years ago, my friend Maggie Farmer and I started Lemonade Girls. We had no idea what we were doing until after we met with Gina Spagnola and started our plan.

We learned about advertisements, good locations and keeping our spending down. My favorite things about Lemonade Day were setting up our stand, working with my friend, hauling in customers and counting how much money we earned after our work.

The first year, we gave some of our profit to the Galveston Island Humane Society, and last year we gave some to the Ronald McDonald House.

Lemonade Day has taught me that it is important to have a good product but to keep you costs low to make the most money. It also makes me feel good when I give money back to a charity that needs it.

Please come out to the Rotary Club’s Crawfish Boil on April 13. Maggie and I will be in our booth.

Alex Vasut

Trinity Episcopal School


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