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Critics make the case better than I - The Galveston County Daily News: Letters To Editor

October 1, 2016

Critics make the case better than I

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Posted: Saturday, June 7, 2014 12:15 am

Alvin Sallee responded to letters and online comments about his May 17 column, “More time to wonder about things.”

Critical statements regarding my column make my case better than I can.

Please note the quotation marks — these are not my words.

My words rebut the myths.

“Racism is kept alive by black men. They use it as a political tool.” Evidence please.

“You recite facts, but liberals hate facts and fear the truth.” We find logic helps, too.

“Racial segregation of the military had been imposed by President Wilson.” Wrong. Gen. George Washington (1776) formed all-black units. African-Americans have bravely fought in every U.S. war.

“President Barack Obama’s administration has quietly suggested it is willing to create a two-tier race-based legal system in Hawaii.” Clearly, the birth certificate was not enough.

“Senator Elizabeth Warren is a faux ‘Native American.’” In Fox talk, that means fake. Even her father’s family discriminated against her mother’s heritage.

“The disastrous breakdown of the black family (is) largely caused by Democratic policies.” Black families are strong.

Conservatives cutting programs, such as education, health and justice impacts all non 1-percent families.   

“White Guilt Boulevard.”

It is not about guilt, it is about taking responsibility.

Man up and let’s make this country even greater, through fairness to all.

Alvin Sallee