I just finished rollerblading on the seawall, and I am really disgusted by the behavior of a very few dog owners who live on the island. I have witnessed too many dog owners let their dogs use the beach as a bathroom and just kick sand over it. Really? Do you think this just goes away?

I was fortunate enough to flag down a policeman, and he educated me about the fact that there is no ordinance to ticket these dog owners. I hope each of our neighborhoods takes this to our council members so we can collectively correct this situation. Other cities with beaches have anywhere from a $50 to $500 fine for this disgusting practice.

Maybe with money on the line, it will incite these dog owners to carry a plastic bag to clean up the mess. It would be sad to restrict the beach from dogs because of a few people who don’t know how to be responsible and clean up after their pet, which is what some cities have done because the beaches were too dirty from dog owners — you cannot blame the dog.

I don’t know how to start this campaign, but I will find out as I’m sure we would like to keep our beaches as clean as possible.

Linn Fallon


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Gary Miller

Reminds me of a PET OWNER who lived down the street. Walked her poney sized dog twice a day so it could do a dump in my yard.
When I confronted her she said "I don't want that in my yard". Lady you think I do?
Two lbs of Hershey kisses solved that problem.

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