As a vice president of Texas A&M University and the chief operating officer of the Galveston campus, I would like to express my appreciation for County Commissioner Ken Clark. His commitment and tireless efforts to find a path forward for the replacement of the Pelican Island Bridge have been crucial to the conversation and strategy development.

The current bridge is considered to be “functionally obsolete,” and is a limitation for the growth of industry on Pelican Island and Texas A&M Galveston.

The Texas Department of Transportation extended an offer to contribute $45 million in support of the new bridge construction project with a stipulation requiring that a design decision and funding commitments be finalized by summer 2018. Within weeks of beginning my position here in March 2017, Ken Clark was in my office to learn about future plans for our campus and the impact of the various bridge options under discussion.

I have witnessed Clark working tirelessly to understand the issues from all angles and continuing the pursuit of a solution which best meets the needs of all stakeholders.

Thank you, Commissioner Clark! Texas A&M University and the residents of Galveston County owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

Michael Fossum



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Donald Glywasky

Thanks. Now leave

Bill Broussard

It would also be very helpful if you said just how much Texas A&M is throwing into the pot to get and help assure the expensive re-routing you want. I'm an Aggie ( twice as a matter of fact) so I now something about your endowments and think you could well afford to help out. Last I heard, you want a round-about of the campus but were offering nothing as an A&M share of the total cost.

Craig Mason

I don't think anyone should be a lifelong politician. In the next few years when I retire I may throw my hat in the ring and run for county commissioner

Ken Hufstetler

"I'm an Aggie ( twice as a matter of fact) so I now something about your endowments. " Really?

Carol Dean

From a "Legend" Family of Aggies, I am not at all happy with your endorsement of Clark. Something about...Aggies do not lie, cheat, or steal, nor do they tolerate those who do. Ken Clark is INTOLERABLE!

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