Do Texas City and La Marque city management just not care about the appearance of the city? Drive down Texas Avenue, FM 1765 between state Highway 3 and Interstate 45, and take a look at the conditions — a highway that needs resurfacing; lots allowed to be overgrown right up to the street; and people must walk through knee-deep grass, as there are no sidewalks.

Do these managers have any respect for the people they serve to allow this to occur? 

Do the mayors and those responsible ever leave their office and personally survey the city as to its needs?

So, you mayors, does someone need to challenge you on your failures and lack of attention to the appearance of the community by taking your jobs? 

If so, that can be accomplished. 

So, get off your duffs, kick the bureaucrats in the butt and clean the cities.

Thank you.

Oh, and Galveston’s 61st Street could use some cleanup and paint. Broadway isn’t the only way to the seawall.


Lance Cross

La Marque

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Lois J Carelock

I'm with you, Lance...100%. How can our city leaders NOT SEE the deplorable conditions in their own cities? Personally, I think they have overlooked it for so long there's no way they can ever catch up with the work to be done.

Some of the problem is the lack of pride of some of the citizens in these communities. That is almost impossible to change.

I'm for assessing fines to those who refuse to keep up their property AND enforcing the 'No Llittering' laws/ordinances.

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