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Doyle Beard

Are you really trying to insinuate they are reason for these killings?

Robert Braeking

Before the Thompson machine gun was outlawed we didn't have school shootings. Just saying.

Carlos Ponce

The assault weapon used in the Parkland Florida killings was the AR-15.
The AR -15 [ArmaLite Rifle] was for non-civilian, military use but the Colt AR-15 was made commercially available starting in 1964. "As early as 1963, Colt started manufacturing this 'new' rifle in semiautomatic only with the civilian population and the law enforcement community in mind."
So the AR-15 military style was available in the 1950s and the AR-15 civilian available style was available in the 1960s.
Kirk, I'm not "saying", I'm FACT checking.
If Nikolas Cruz had not had access to the AR-15 indications are that he would have chosen another venue to kill.

Robert Braeking

'other indications'? Best explain. Other indications would be that he would have used a different weapon. Other indications are that the school population was unarmed and helpless. Other indications are that knowing that a school is unarmed and helpless would make that a desirable 'soft' target for a shooter. We should be examining ways to dispel the perception that 'soft' targets exist. Ever heard of a mass shooting at a police station?

Jim Forsythe

3 Cops Shot: Gunman Dead in NJ Police Station Shooting
The gunman, who worked for the NJ Department of Corrections as a civil communications officer, was arrested for allegedly stalking an ex-girlfriend (2012)

4 police officers shot at Detroit police station all expected to live

Jan 29, 2011 · gun man getting killed after walking into police station shooting 4 cops

Carlos Ponce

Historical note: The Colt AR-15 sold for $189.95 in 1964, advertised as "The most talked about RIFLE of the CENTURY." Looks like people are still talking about it in this century.

Gary Miller

The Germans and Soviets introduced the first assault weapons during WWII in 1940's.
The AR 15 doesn't qualify as an assault weapon except for looks. The Thompson machine gun isn't a assault gun either.

Erin Brucia

The University of Texas tower shooting was in the 1960s. Mass killings are not new.

Robert Braeking

Don't forget about the Kent State mass shooting. (1970) Oh wait. That was our government. Doesn't count. M-1, M-1911, Shotgun.

Jim Guidry

Actually there was a rifle widely available in the fifties & sixties that would qualify as what some call an "assault rifle"... the US M1 .30 Carbine. You could buy one at Sears for $17. They sold in the thousands.

Gary Miller

Jim. The US M1 .30 cal carbine is the first assault weapon issued to US military. I ended up discarding both I owned due to receiver cracks. So much fun I wore um out.
I paid $10 each to the NRA civilian marksman program. An NRA program designed to improve marksman skills of military recruits.

Gary Miller

The US MI.30 carbine was available in the 1940's, I'm not certain but I think it is still the only true assault weapon issued to the US military. The "black gun" M16 is not an assault weapon but some of the newer, low power, modifications might qualify.
True assault weapons are low power, high capacity magazine versions of rifle squad issue intended to make a lot of noise to keep the enemy heads down during an assault. The M16 is a full power rifle squad issue. Ugly and efficient yes, but not an assault weapon. The Armalite Rifle 15 [ Aka AR 15} is a simi automatic civilian version of the M16.

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