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Claudia Burnam

So, now you are happy that other people are paying for your insurance instead of yourself????

Lars Faltskog

Well, my plan is now less expensive. Pooling numbers of participants, which, in effect, composes of the ACA plan, is more ideal for most Americans.

I doubt if any one of us middle class (or one the way to middle class) individuals will be "other people paying". That's more fear tactics from folks who deny that our leader, who is a man of color, indeed succeeded in making this plan come to reality.

Claudia Burnam

Really Sverige1! When you can't come up with an intelligent comment you play the race card. And this isn't the first time!

Lars Faltskog

Response to CJWiley at 8:48 am on Mon, Mar 3, 2014:

Glad you read enough to count how many times. You're welcome to add some substance. I'll wait to see it.

Gary Miller

Who is paying to finance the 140 new bureaucracies? Who is now buying insurance for 40 million who didn't have any? Taxpayers.
CBO says ACA will cost taxpayers $2.8 Trillion over ten years. If they are as accurate as they were about Medicare ACA will cost taxpayers $28 trillion in less than ten years.
The law forced insurance companies to cancel millions of policies because they wern't good enough. Is a policy with coverage we don't need a better policy? Or just more expensive? At 78 years of age I really don't expect to need maternity, pediatrict or child care coverage but ACA says I must pay for it anyway.

I realy thank all you taxpayers for financing my health care coverage but wish you weren't forced to do it.
The law says I'm not permitted to pay for my health care. You volunteered (?) to pay it.
When I paid it myself I chose my doctor and where he worked. Now a bureaucrat makes a "better (?)" choice for me.
No Democrat is qualified to hold any elected office above driver of the garbage truck..

Gary Miller

Calling that AH my leader is as bad as anything you ever said.
He isn't a leader for anyone. Followers can't be leaders.

Chris Gimenez

"It will save families $2500 per year."
"If you like your current plan and your doctor you can keep them. Period."


Hey Servitude1, nobody's denying the reality of the plan except your Liar-in-Chief. 5 million with coverage lose it and 3 million "enroll"-but aren't necessarily paying yet.

Only the loony left would think that's a success.

Gary Miller

They are spending more other peoples money. Success for the loony left.

Robert Young

If we would cut foreign aid and save billions we could really afford to insure all Americans. The idea is good but I don't health care is a right,, A better solution would be that the government required the insurance company to contribute 1 dollar per current policy to medicaid to cover those indigent expenses the govt gets stuck with. If you couldn't get normal coverage just go to medicaid where the pre-existing conditions are allowed and you by law cannot be denied..This would be paid for by diverting aid from India, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, and all others into the medicaid program

Chris Gimenez

$1 TRILLION in costs, no one who voted for it even read it before they voted for it, the Liar-in-Chief has illegally changed his own law almost 30 times for election purposes, he lied to the public about keeping their own plans almost 30 times, the much-needed younger age group to finance this author's premium subsidies have not materialized, the older, sicker enrollees (apparently represented by this author) are streaming to the plan which will cause massive subsidy payments of our tax dollars to the evil insurance companies because the younger, healthier are not enrolling. What's not to like about this wonderful bit of social (mis)engineering by Hussein Obama and the ring-in-the-nose democrat party?

Carlos Ponce

Roy Birkelbach, how about thanking the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS for your health insurance? I'm not expecting a "Thank You "card in the mail but a general thank you to the hard working people of the United States in the Galveston County Daily News would be nice. "How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless entitlement recipient!" - Paraphrase from William Shakespeare's King Lear

Leon Lion

Roy as a business man you know nothing is free. Someone is having to make up that difference and that someone are other taxpayers who have seen their insurance premiums, deductibles and out of pocket expenses go up. Carlosponce is completely correct.


Big shout-out to Mr. Putin. How do you like our flexibility so far sir? We can do more if what you've seen so far, is not to your liking sir. We aim to please.....and you know this!!!
Well,..just wanted you to know,...that you don't have to raise YOUR UGLY HEAD up over by Alaska,...or anything. We have "EVOLVED'.....over here, and we have long ago stopped drawing red lines which really resembles yellow lines,...and nobody, not even you can change our CALCULUS. We aim to please sir, and also to accommodate! We won't be disgraced by the likes of a JFK, or a Shoot'em dude like Old RR either!
Just call us up dude,...don't worry about John McCain either, because elections have consequences. You just keep doing what you are doing,...it will be a while before, anyone resembling JFK/RR can take a catastrophic 3AM telephone call who knows what to put upside your head! Do you feel me boy!!!! [wink]

GW Cornelius

Affordable Health care best things since pockets on shirts. It will allow people from all areas to have health care they can afford. The GOP did not have a plan so they belittle this one.

Chris Gimenez

I bet you're clicking the heels of your little red shoes together three times as you're saying that.

When your feckless leader's term is finally up it will take years of right-wing rule to save this country from his jive-turkey strut around the White House.

Carlos Ponce

The Republicans did and do have a plan but they were excluded from the discussion. The Republican Health Care Plan would call for Individual Health Savings Accounts and being able to buy insurance across state lines, in addition to other measures to reduce the cost of health care.

Kevin Lang

If you repeat a myth often enough, people actually start believing it. As has been cited numerous times before, the Republicans excused themselves from the debate just as the bill was about to go to vote. It was only the fringe aspects of the bill that the Democrats coded up with Republicans not welcomed back in for. Pretty much all of the key provisions, such as No Exclusions for Pre-existing Conditions, Children 25 and under on Parent's policy, the Individual Mandate, for a few, were part of the full committee bill. The Republicans on the committee were for the Individual Mandate before they decided to be against it. The fact that you disavow them as members of the GOP doesn't delete the fact that they actually were appointed to the committee by Republican Leadership. I doubt, considering Congress's longstanding impotence at fashioning a reform bill, that anyone dreamed a bill would actually come out of the committee.

Certainly, it's worth discussing the relative merits or lack thereof of the bill. However, the Pre-Existing Exclusions, and even most of the Under 26 provision are shared with the most publicized GOP plans. However, it becomes much less productive of a discussion when Republicans try to claim they had nothing to do with it. I doubt the Democrats could have stayed focused on completing the bill if it hadn't been for the Republicans helping to get it 90% framed. The Democrats could have never figured out a way to get the insurance companies into the discussion without the Republicans helping. After all, the Democrats, if they were just going to ram something through, would have rammed through a single-payer system.

Carlos Ponce

I told you two of the items on the proposed Republican Health care plan. When I read your response all all I could think about was the symbol of the Democratic Party. Even though first used in the 19th century it is still appropriate in the 21st century.

Chris Gimenez

You're a broken record Lang and you sound just like your buddy Servitude. You continue to blame the Republican Party for something they neither supported, nor had any serious input allowed, nor voted for. Obamacare belongs to your party and yes, despite your phony denials, you are a democrat-lock, stock, and barrel. It's impossible to blame the GOP, or Bush, or the existence of the mythical global warming hoax for what's happening to this country under Obama.

You democrats placed so much emphasis on the Messiah being elected and showing the world what a great leader this empty suit would be that you and your party can't get out of the corner you put yourself in. The facts are undeniable-your president has become a laughingstock and world-class liar. I understand the democrats want to run from their obamacare so they can be re-elected but the wave is coming and Ted Cruz is correct-the whole damn thing is going to be repealed.

Kevin Lang

bvresident, there has never been a Messiah elected to any high office in this country. There never will be, either. We're stuck with human beings. This country is too big for any human to control, fix, break, or solve. You complain that Democrats just want DC to hand everything to them. You complain, evidently, that DC hasn't given you anything. Hmmmm.

Over the last 40 years or so, I haven't looked to DC to solve anything for me. I take care of myself. I'm not beholden to anyone's politics. When I have problems to solve, I'm looking for the best solution. I'm not looking for the one that will win me political brownie points. $20 bucks and 20 political brownie points will buy you $10 worth of groceries, and stains on your hands that no soap will wash away. I'm so sick and tired of all these "What's in it for me" types complaining about al the "What's in it for me" types on the other side, with neither side realizing that they're copping the same childish attitudes.

Just how frequently over the past 40 years, have you seen politicians actually deliver on what they claimed they'd do? How many of those were things we were actually glad they did even 3 or 4 years later? Even Reagan's reforms were mostly undone before he even left office. We didn't get much in the way of lasting reforms out of the Contract With America.

Sorry, I don't buy into either party's idealogy "lock, stock, and barrel". Years ago, I used to think that both sides had parts of the solution. Today, I'm more convinced that both sides are devoid of solutions.

Carlos Ponce

I am so glad you did not buy into the idea that Obama was the next Messiah as Barbara Walters and so many others did. Barbara Walters admitted on a broadcast appearance with Piers Morgan that maybe Christmas wasn’t the time to say it, but it’s true – the media regarded President Obama as the “next messiah” because of his promises and policies. “He made so many promises,” she said. “We thought that he was going to be – I shouldn’t say this at Christmastime, but – the next messiah."
Problem is that too many people still believe Barry is the "Messiah" and find no fault with his presidency. There are no perfect presidencies. If some people will just wake up they will find this current one is among the worst.
The Contract With America got a balanced budget. Bill Clinton fought it every day . Now he's taking credit for it. Ted Cruz promised to fight Obamacare . He did as he promised and is now demonized by the media and even some Republicans.

Kevin Lang

Yes, the Contract got a balanced budget. For a short window. In the grand sceme of things, with a half trillion deficit and 17 trillion in debt, what's the lasting effect? That our deficis isn't 750 B per year and our debt isn't 18.5 Trillion? Accomplishments are nice. Sustainability is the failed challenge.

Carlos Ponce

[W]hat's the lasting effect? After 9-11-2001, there was an overhaul called Homeland Security. President Bush and the Republican Congress should have cut the entitlements to pay for it but they didn't. The Democrats kept crying foul everytime they tried. (Remember "The Republicans want to push Granny off the Cliff'?) So the deficit increased. But President Barack Obama in 5 short years has taken the debt and doubled it. Senator Obama was right. That's "un-American".

Evelyn Clark

The Rep. do not have a health care plan. If they do it is a well kept

secret. [beam ][beam]

Evelyn Clark

Yes, Obama care is much better than not having health care at all.Please tell me

where the Republician Health Care Plan is. Opps , sorry they still do not have a

plan to offer, nor do they care . We as TAX payers are paying for someone like

them to have the Best Health Care in this country [sad]

Carlos Ponce

Warning to Roy Birkelbach, The Obamacare website is not secure. Please monitor to see if any personal information is hacked.
"It could take a year to secure the risk of "high exposures" of personal information on the federal Obamacare online exchange, a cybersecurity expert told CNBC on Monday." http://www.cnbc.com/id/101225308

I could include more websites but CNBC is"Obama Friendly".

Chris Gimenez

Another fine example of the success of the ACA.


This president has never been anything other than a social experiment by the extreme left to prove that that they could get a pomegranate elected as long as it would promise their electorate everything they possibly wanted without working for it or making any kind of sacrifice to get it. It's been wildly successful as they completely underestimated how stupid their electorate is and what an utterly unqualified pomegranate they could get elected.

Chris Gimenez

Has there been anything the Liar-in-Chief has had a hand in forcing on us that has worked? I think not.


And now Russia's Putin is giving him a lesson in how to "reset" the relationship with the Soviets. It's like a pit bull having his way with a kitty cat. You can fake your college work, you can fake your qualifications to hold the highest office in this country, and you can fake-at least for a while-your ability to create jobs and move this country forward. What he can't fake is being able to look strong in the arena of foreign relations.


I had a teammate once, years ago who talked his behind off about his abilities. He shot his mouth off to no end about what he could do. He even looked good in practice,...but when we hit the field for that first real game against outstanding competition, and huge guys on the other team,..he sat on the bench shaking like he had water in his knees, and he could not stand up,..faking a sickness!
I see that now in Washington DC! Dealing with Putin is different from dealing with Gaddaffi, or Bin Laden! McCain,... my fellow Vietnam Veteran predicted this would happen! SARAH PALIN predicted it a few years ago, and I just saw a TV clip of her saying the country of Ukraine was in danger of being invaded by Russia, some years ago! Even Romney said We better watch Russia!!! Obama poo-pooed it all off, and did not have a clue!
The man has been had,..he has been DUPPED,...he has been BAMBOOZLED, I tell you, and as a result this once proud country is on the verge of being replaced as the true leader of the free world, in the minds of those IN THE FREE WORLD! We can't be depended on,..nor trusted,...in their minds!
This is not the first time the Russians have tried this, and it won't be the last! They tried it back in October of 1962! When Kennedy had American vessels and planes scramble to meet the Russians near Cuba, there was a little known American pilot dispatched with them whose name was JOHN McCAIN!
Men like McCain, Kennedy, and Reagan are the only kind that men like Putin respects, or will drop his *&& toward the ground for!!!!!! He won't tolerate a man who have ten pounds of water in his knees who has never had that US military uniform on, who is susceptible to be bluffed,...or pushed around. He was bolstered with courage when he backed Obama down in Syria recently, and McCain called that one too!
I say get rid of all the pride and arrogance in the White House and turn this thing over to JOHN MCCAIN!!! Not now,......"Rat" now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( East Texas for doing something quickly ).
Putin has lost his mind ,...he might want the Port Of Galveston next for a place to DOCK his Navy. Would we just put sanctions on him, or called other countries to help convince him not to take it? This is war, ... ( cold ),and I bet George Patton is somewhere saying "I TOLD THEM, ABOUT THOSE RUSSIANS, BUT THEY WOULD NOT LISTEN TO ME!"

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 8:32 pm on Mon, Mar 3, 2014,
Response to kevjlang posted at 1:02 am on Tue, Mar 4, 2014:

Yes, it is a falsity to say the repubs were "left out" of the ACA making proceedings. whine whine.

One thing I remember reading about was the Republican contribution to the health plan that asked for employee participation in health awareness programs/activities. I'm actually currently participating in my company's healthy eating/weight activities.

Despite the republicans' refusal to stay onto the bargaining tables (in the health act and many other issues), one Obama legacy will be the awarenesses that he and Michelle have cultivated through child obesity prevention, and overall wellness programs.

Carlos Ponce

From the New York Times:
"In an extraordinary question-and-answer session with House Republicans on Friday, President Obama defended the Democrats’ sweeping health care legislation and chastised rank-and-file G.O.P. lawmakers for scaring the American public by describing his proposal as some sort of “Bolshevik plot.”
Republicans, in turn, accused Mr. Obama — and more directly, House speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House Democratic leadership — of shutting them out of the health care debate and neglecting their ideas.
At one point, Mr. Obama locked horns with Representative Tom Price, Republican of Georgia, who is an orthopedist. Mr. Price insisted that the Republicans had put forward superior proposals on health that would expand insurance coverage and lower health care costs without raising taxes or increasing spending by the federal government."
We now see Mr. Obama pushing back the mandates once more so that people can "keep" their insurance policies - at least until the elections. Then the mandates kick in again. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Chris Gimenez

Hey Servitude, are you saying your company didn't have this miraculous weight loss program before obamacare kicked in this year? It just started?

$17 TRILLION in debt, black unemployment at 15%, foreign allies having their phones and messages hacked by the NSA, stonewalling on the Benghazi murders, IRS targeting of conservative groups, at least 30 illegal changes to his own health care law that he said last year he couldn't accept any changes to, claiming executive privilege so his AG doesn't have to tell the truth about Fast & Furious and you're saying his legacy will be that somehow he and Moochelle have stemmed the tide of childhood obesity. Hmmm. I think you've made my point more clearly than I ever could.

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 8:40 am on Tue, Mar 4, 2014:

No, my company did not have that program last year. And, yes, it may not be far-fetched to think that with affordable care, more companies would take on the goal to encourage employees to take better care of themselves.

As far as the tragedies that have occurred under Obama's presidency, I doubt if they could have been avoided. After all, Bush #2 had to navigate through the 911 terrorist attacks. I actually have been one of his proponents in regard to his initial reaction to the news, as he continued to read to the schoolchildren. At that time and place, that was a good decision.

I doubt if the executive department could have forseen the Benghazi attack. I believe I read something about Obama speaking with O'Reilly, saying that every effort was made to "protect people on the ground". We all may want to ask ourselves, how would you or I, as a leader have handled it?

As far as IRS is concerned, all of us, by human nature, can easily get the feeling that we migh,t at one time or another, receive the brunt of the IRS's disproportionate evaluations. If your organization (conservative or otherwise) is on the "up and up", then you should have no worries.

Chris Gimenez

That was a load of hot air excuses for a empty suit president. Your president has proven himself to be a pathological liar, time and time again.

The chief executive in the IRS scandal, Lois Lerner, pleaded the Fifth to keep from incriminating herself and states that she won't testify without complete immunity. Probably nothing to that.

Both HRC and Hussein Obama were advised of the deficit in security at Benghazi and they refused to provide additional measures to maintain their philosophy of "weakness=peace". Someone must have forgotten to tell the terrorists they shouldn't take advantage of your president's goal of capitulation.

How can the NSA collect as much data as they do on all of us in order "to keep us safe" but couldn't know this attack was going to happen?

Lots of excuses but few answers.

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