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Gary Miller

Liberals are sneeky? Did Obama learn to lie from liberals or is he their teacher?

“Conservative Republicans of Galveston County PAC"? Could be three liberals with a letterhead.
There's no law keeping liberals from calling themselves Conservative Republicans. If they did violate a law they stall accountability until after the election is over.
RINO Republicans claim they are the most conservative candidate in the race.
You need a good fact checker to tell the difference between a lying liberal and a real conservative.

Gary Miller

“Conservative Republicans of Galveston County PAC?
Seems to be the same group putting out late day attacks on Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton and other conservative candidates. Late day attacks are a favorite tactic of liberals because there is no time left to refute the attacks.
Who are they?
We won't learn untill after the elections are over if we ever do.
Dan and Ken may not be your choice but they sure aren't liberals.
Ask your self.
Were Grady, Dan and Ken attacked because they are real conservatives?
I'm suspecious of all late day attack adds.

Miss Priss


The person who is defending Grady in this letter to editor is a Democrat.

Mick Phalen


The person who said ... "The person who is defending Grady in this letter to the editor is a Democrat" is a Democrat.

Go figure.

Miss Priss

Last time I checked I voted R ....

I just happen to know Winston because oh yeah.... He was the Dem dating a TEA party favorite during the last election.

Walter Manuel

I don't give mail out fliers that personally attacks another candidate a second thought it simply goes in the trash where it originated from.

To personally attack Patricia Grady for any person because of who she might have been court appointed to represent just like any other lawyer often js just shows how weak this group is in their fight to showcase their own candidate.

If I was running for an office, I certainly wouldn't want my name associated with a group of people who had to stoop to such a pathetic level of desperation while hiding behind an unknown PAC.

I'm glad that while talking to other people around the county they feel the exact same way.

Dirty politics at it's finest!

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