Do ever have one of those LOL moments? I had one when I read a recent letter ("It’s time for honesty from incumbent politicians," The Daily News, Jan 20).

The intent was to slander our current congressman, but the reality is the letter to the editor was a sham for focusing on just one issue — red snapper.

The truth is that our incumbent Congressman Randy Weber has been working with all fishermen to extend federal recreational days for red snapper, but in a sustainable and responsible manner.

In 2017, Weber introduced the Give Our Fishermen Immediate Snapper Help Act — also known as the GO FISH Act. This legislation is a direct result of working with all interested parties.

But one of Weber’s opponents, lifelong bureaucrat Bill Sargent, wants to hide that information from you because he is not interested in helping commercial fishermen or the restaurant industry that serves legal, fresh seafood.

Red snapper is important to our coastal community, but so are issues like tax reform and jobs, national security, illegal immigration, our military, limited government and individual liberty. Congressman Weber has helped lead the way on each of these issues.

Congressman Weber’s leadership is the real deal!

J.T. Edwards, committeeman

Republican Party of Texas for Texas Senate District 11


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Bill Cochrane

I agree with Mr. Edwards. At first it was funny reading a letter from a guy that obviously wants people to vote for Sargent because he promises all boat owning fishermen they will get to catch all the red snapper they want. Sargent promises to fight to get state control of federal fisheries. The Feds are responsible for the success of rebuilding the snapper stocks. Now, Sargent (and the boat owning recreational fishers) want to take control away from the feds and give it to the State. They think that if that happens the State will allow year round snapper fishing, just as they have in state waters for years. Oddly enough, the states want to take control of the federal commercial fishery too? Sargent wants to eliminate commercial fishing. Sargent wants boat owning recreational fishermen to elect him, thinking they will be able to catch all they fish they want, like in the ‘60’s. Funny thing is, in my opinion, most recreational fishermen want a sustainable fishery with reasonable daily bag limits and regulations. Sargent denies wanting to eliminate commercial fishing, but he can’t explain why he wants state control of the commercial fishery.

Carol Dean

Bill Sargent can't explain a lot of things!

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