There have been several letters and editorials about the termination of Michael Kovacs as city manager. I couldn’t get a good read on why he was fired.

There was a rumor that he wasn’t satisfied with the public housing progress or lack of progress.

Perhaps he wanted the state’s land office to take it over. What’s wrong with that?

I haven’t seen any progress on public housing. Giving it back to the land office would take it out of local politics and take away the delays, bickering, secret meetings, leaks, lawsuits and legal fees paid for by taxpayers.

Where do we go from here? I think the search for the next city manager should wait for the next mayor and council because then Kovacs could be rehired.

The new candidates could reach out to Kovacs and see if he wants the job back. Granted, Park City, Utah, is a great place to live and ski. I’ve skied there myself a few times. The problem is that people need to eat and pay rent, and that means having a job.

Given Councilwoman Elizabeth Beeton’s attitude toward Kovacs, she won’t get my vote. There are better choices.

Steve Hodgson lives in Galveston.

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