As children get ready to go back to school, we begin to think about the most important lessons that we, ourselves, learned.

Aside from the social and behavioral lessons, such as respect for authority and being kind and helpful to others, parents may wonder what is the most important lesson or subject in school and what they can do to help their child learn?

The answer is that reading is still the most important subject in school.

Good reading skills taught to your child everyday will help him in all other subjects and in life.

For practice, have the child choose a book he likes and listen to him read a few sentences out loud.

Then, close the book and ask the child to tell, in his own words, what he has just read.

If he cannot do it, have him repeat the steps until he can.

You might do the exercise yourself to demonstrate.

Reading back and forth with your child is never a waste of time. Make it a fun thing to do every evening for just 10 or 15 minutes and it will improve his success in every subject.

Paula Flinn


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