I am reading about the many parallel universes that can exists. I find them interesting; others might also. There are 10 of them, and they are called multiverse:

1. Quilted. There is an infinite cosmos with many universes.

2. Inflationary. This multiverse is inflating, and there are many bubble universes of which ours is one.

3. Brain. Our universe exists on one three-dimensional brain that floats on a higher dimensional expanse that has other universes.

4. Cyclic. Brains collide creating new universes.

5. Landscape. It has extra dimensions, which give rise to many different bubble universes, a combination of inflationary and string theory.

6. Quantum. Every possibility in its probability waves is realized and, thus, many universes.

7. Holographic. Our universe is exactly mirrored by phenomena taking place on a distant bounding surface.

8. Simulated. Computer-created universes much like a “Star Trek The Next Generation” holodeck.

9. Ultimate. The principle of fecundity that every possible universe is a real universe.

10. Socialist multiverse. The belief that socialism works in an alternate universe. Doubt that it might exist is raised by the principle of TANSTAAFL, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

Robert Hart


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Carlos Ponce

Too bad it does not exist. I'd like to send Barack Obama and his cronies to the Socialist multiverse. He'd be very happy there.[beam]
TANSTAAFL has been proven ad infinitum.

Diane Brodie

Nice quote at the end from "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress". I learned that from my dad as a kid.

George Croix

It just might explain how people who saw the game get lost by the rookies in the first term decided to bet on the instant replay to be different in a second viewing...[wink]

Miceal O'Laochdha

I am simultaneously living on both Earth and Tralframador right now, and Kurt Vonnugut has not yet died there due to the disparity in the time / space continuum, so we have coffee together every morning and discuss the failed socialist experiments the Tralframadoreans tried just a few millennium back. Che is living in the mountains there, too.

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