The Daily News outlined the refund of $15 million in property taxes to Valero Energy Corp., which is using loopholes in Texas’ tax code to successfully protest its property tax valuations for recent tax years, unfairly receiving millions of dollars in refunds and shifting payment of taxes that support schools and local government to small businesses and homeowners ("TCISD, others must refund Valero Corp. $15M in taxes," The Daily News, June 16).

This absolute disgrace must be stopped.

Also, the regular session of our Texas Legislature ended without funding the Additional State Aid for Tax Reduction program, which is needed to provide quality education for students of local school districts. Without this funding, Texas City ISD will lose $11 million in funding this year and cannot successfully absorb LaMarque ISD and provide a quality education to our students.

Galveston County citizens need to call upon legislators to close tax code loopholes and force corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. We should request ASATR funding be restored so our schools can provide the best possible education. Corporate citizens should be responsible for their fair share of taxes instead of manipulating the system at the expense of small businesses, homeowners and our children.

Homeowners are receiving higher valuations. We should insist on a level playing field for all taxpayers.

Charles T. Doyle

Texas City


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David Doe

One way to change this is to refuse doing business with Valero.
The quickest way to a company is through the wallet.

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