While dining out Sunday evening on the island, a woman collapsed in cardiac arrest. As a registered nurse with 20-plus years of ER experience, I responded.

My first question to management (after assuring that 911 was called), was to ask for an Automated External Defibrillator. The restaurant did not have one.

I am saddened that the availability of these lifesaving devices is still an issue. This is a device that costs about $1,500, and has been shown in robust clinical trials to save lives. When Galveston EMS arrived the heart rhythm they found was exactly what AED's are designed to address.

Most CPR classes now include AED use as part of their training. I want to encourage businesses that serve the public to make this investment. They do save lives. Kudos as well to the paramedics who responded. Outstanding performance on their part to treat this patient. We are grateful to have them.

Jeffrey Gottlieb

League City


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Don Schlessinger

Great idea, but an AED in every store on the Strand would be overkill. A better idea would have an AED every block. Also, regular maintenance required by a qualified person.

Bill Cochrane

"Overkill". Bad choice if words - LOL

Don Schlessinger

You make me smile Bill

Diane Brodie

I wish the post had mentioned more about the purpose of the AED. Most people don't realize that it is a diagnostic tool that reads vital signs, contains easy to follow instructions, and does not allow the user to shock anyone who does not require it. It will tell the user if the heart has stopped, to perform CPR. In the case of fibrillation, it will say to stand back and to press a button.

Jeffrey Gottlieb

Thanks for adding that. My original submission was edited. An AED will talk you through it's use as well. Thanks for encouraging their use.

Ron Shelby

$1,500 is a lot to a small business trying to get off the ground. Maybe consider requiring that commercial building owners have an AED in every building similar to a smoke alarm. And if there are related "supplies", find a manner in which the patient can be "billed" for any replacement supplies after an incident in which it is used. Sounds fair.

Jeffrey Gottlieb

Ron, Thanks for your comments. This is exactly the type of conversation that needs to happen. There are always novel ways to approach any challenge. Perhaps there are grants available as well. Thanks again for adding your thoughts.

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