To Jean Casanave the PAC that should actually be called the Citizens "Against" CCISD or against community growth, you are just wrong ("Vote 'no' May 6 on CCID bond," The Daily News, April 17).

I'm curious as to how many members, including Jean, have attended any of the forums conducted by the school district or toured the facilities that need renovations? I'm willing to bet that it is not that many or they may be able to see the need for these funds.

So many elementary schools are so overcrowded an entire grade is forced into portables. This bond will provide funding to build a much needed elementary school to help alleviate overcrowding. This school district is part of a rapid growth spurt in League City and adjoining towns and like it or not, it is 2017 not 1947, when, I suspect, a lot of the opponents were last in school.

This is a much-needed bond proposal that most definitely will benefit the community and the children growing up within it. So have an open mind and don't follow in lockstep with those whose myopic visions clutter their outlook on the world around them.

David F. Smith

League City 


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Doyle Beard

What real evidence supports the vote no on the
CCISD Bond election?

Jean Casanave

The argument isn't about the repairs and new school, necessarily, it's about the over inflated costs of many of those repairs. Why would we spend $43M on a school when other districts, apples to apples can get them done for $20M less? At what point do the people say "time-out" CCISD, lets take a more drilled down look at what you are wanting to do? At what point do the people say "hold on", we just had a bond in 2013, 2007 and 2004 that are still being paid for? And at what point do the people say, that's enough?

Craig Lindberg

37 of us - all CCISD taxpayers - spent 4 month drilling down into this and ultimately recommended an amount HIGHER than what the school board decided on. I understand the emotional argument you present, but the need is real. Unless you want to see your property value fall (that will lower your taxes too) spending money on new schools, school expansions, repairs, and staying at best practices is a fact of life. Also, some of the information that the 'vote no' side has put out about the district's debt is false. All the information is at the CCISD website for you to look at.

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